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What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16539points) June 2nd, 2016

Yeah. Old question. A good one though.

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To get to the other side.

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no matter at where you draw your imaginary line at what qualifies as a Chicken or notChicken, that thing came out of an egg.

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And the egg came from….?

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The egg. Regardless of whether you think species are scientific fictions or natural kinds, all chickens are born from eggs. It is one of their defining features. But given the truth of evolution, it is not the case that all chickens are descended from chickens (nor that all descendants of chickens will necessarily be chickens). Therefore, at some point a pair of “almost-but-not-quite-chickens” produced an egg that was the first chicken egg, and the creature that developed within it was the first chicken.

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The chicken because the eggshell has proteins that can only be created/provided by a chicken.

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I would say:

The chicken is the last in a very ancient history of creatures who were successful random mutations of earlier species. The first chicken came from a mutated egg of something not quite as chickeny, and so on, until the least-chickeny semi-chicken… since the mutation in question happens in the egg, the first chickeny-anything was an egg, and the first fully-chicken was an egg.

But if you mean “the egg” rather than just “the chicken egg”, then clearly the egg is massively older than the chicken, because all sorts of creatures have eggs: other birds, reptiles, fish, insects, spiders… etc.

(p.s. I didn’t notice @SavoirFaire‘s more scientifically-worded answer already above.)

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The mosquito.

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The easter bunny, premature ejaculation

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Well, over here the chickens came first and now we have lots of eggs. lol

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Chickens are evolved from dinosaurs. Dinosaurs layed eggs first, waaaaaay before there were any chickens. Eventually, one was hatched looking more chicken like, but it was in a very long line of eggs.

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The chickens were imported first. There was no other way to get fresh eggs on the ships of yore.

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Actually, it was the chicken bacteria that came first.

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I believe that chickens first appeared in what we now call China. So some joker there played around with the local avifauna until he or she got what was wanted—chicken fried rice.

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Savoirfaire, well said. My thoughts exactly. Though probably better articulated.

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It becomes less funny if you change the setting to Africa and try to insert water melons.
Or more funny, if you are a Trump voter.

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