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What is Muhammad Ali's source of income today?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28879points) June 3rd, 2016

I read that he is in the hospital with some sort of respiratory infection. Refuah Shle’mah.

That got me thinking about his health insurance, and concomitantly, what sort of income he has. Clearly he is no longer fighting; his illness has been around for decades and he hasn’t worked for quite a while.

Were his winnings monetarily that great when be boxed 30 years ago? Did he do a lot of advertising? Was that lucrative? I can’t believe that the WBA or WBC had a retirement plan.

What is his source of funds?

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My guess is licensing – there have been feature films about him, books about him, etc. Each of those likely gave him a good payday. He also has almost 150 appearances credited to him on IMDB. That’s not counting TV commercials, magazine covers, print advertisements, interviews, articles, etc.

A celebrity net worth website lists him as worth $80 million.

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Ali’s current financial situation is hopefully private.

In general in the USA, when people are old and need care to survive, the medical industry tends to offer them a contract wherein they are guaranteed some level of care for the rest of their life, in exchange for sucking all the money out of their estate at a high rate (and I expect some of the rights of a healthy human being, as well).

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I would assume that long before his illness manifested that he made wise investments.

He’s a really smart guy and when he converted to Islam I’m assuming that they taught him the importance of self sufficiency and prude spending.

I don’t get the impression that he burned through money with foolishness the way a lot of sports stars have.

I could be wrong of course, but he always impressed me as a really smart guy and I would expect him to have those smarts about money also.

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He likely made more money simply through licensing his name and likeness than he ever did taking punches.

p.s. Reports are now saying that he’s passed away.

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