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Can I move my outdoor potted plants from CA to Oregon?

Asked by Tinaclancy (14points) June 3rd, 2016

I have about 10 outdoor potted plants on my patio and will be moving from California to Oregon. Can I take them or do I have to leave them.. (I hope not..)

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I moved some of mine several states on the floor in the back of my car. They were fine.

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Are you concerned about the checkpoint between Oregon and California that checks for plants and fruit? If so it only applies when you are going to California. They don’t check when you drive into Oregon.

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It really depends on where in California to where in Oregon. If you currently live in Orange County and going to near Ashland, they may not last long. If you move from Mendocino to Portland, they should be fine.

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Well, sure. They’ll get a little shocky for a while but they should be fine.

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Does the place you are moving to have a similar micro-climate to your current home? if yes, the plants should be fine.

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Thanks everyone for your responses. Helps a lot. I am more concerned with any regulations taking potted plants into Oregon from CA and any regulations. I went onto Oregon Dept of Agriculture website..but to be honest and unless I am completely dumb, couldn’t really find a clear answer..

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I live in Oregon and have driven between the two states a few times this year. There is no check and I can promise it will not be a concern.

If you don’t trust me there is this:

“While there aren’t any inspection stations leaving California, all states do have plant quarantine regulations that must be complied with to prevent the spread of exotic pests.”

They don’t check when you take I-5 into Oregon.

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Awesome John. This helped greatly!. Regards..

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Regarding the weather – I have a friend who keeps a few big tropical-looking plants outside May through October and moves them inside for the winter. They’ve survived many years since I’ve been watching.

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