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Does my .mac account change to a MobileMe automatically?

Asked by btko (2816points) July 29th, 2008

I’ve been looking around and I can’t log into Mobileme with my .mac… I don’t get it.

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yes it already has converted as of July 11. Go to and in the login just type in your login (no You should be able to login with that.

As for your email address it will work with both address tags but they may eventually phase out the ability to use the tag (no word as to when though).

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Mine changed automatically without a hitch. I am especially enjoying how mch easier it is to access my iDisk.

@SndfrQ: Say it ain’t so! I prefer ”” to ””... it sounds less conceited :-D

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@hearkat-I know…I just keep reminding myself that it’s really more of a gesture from Apple to get windoze users to join up with a great product without all the guilt and baggage they carry about using a “mac” product.

I also remind myself that the best laptop (hardware) for running Windows Vista is still a Mac!

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@sndfreQ: Bah! I got iTools when it was free! All the website logins I have created over the past several years with my @mac address would have to be changed… what a hassle!! They should really just keep both.

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