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How can I learn more about sharks?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) July 29th, 2008

What resources would you recommend that could help people learn about sharks? (Aside from shark week)

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Watch Shark Week on Discovery Channel.
Going on right now!

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Oh, I see now. Aside from shark week. (Sometimes I don’t read so well.)
Might I recommend the library?

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swim more. just kidding.

Check out some of Dr.Eugenie Clark’s bibliography. Good stuff.

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Dive in!

Sorry, that was the educator in me speaking out.

A suggestion from me is to search the local marinas and museums along coastal areas to see what types of online resources they offer for studying sharks. You can watch a video or you can read about it online. But try to make a connection to someone in the field or watch a live webcam of a group of rehabilitating sharks. Connecting to a person in the field or check out a volunteer group as well to find out more from them. – Mote Marina in Sarasota, Florida. I visited this place years ago and they used to keep a live webcam running of their two rescued Manatees. Very cool place and a great start. Good luck.

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