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If i want to try for free mobileMe, will they charge my credit card instantly or when the 60 days of free trial ends?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) July 29th, 2008

i’ve seen other sites that tells me that they will charge me once the free trial ends and when i start the trial, they charge my card and they give the money back when i cancel the free trial? how does it works with mobileMe? is it worth to try it?

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I’m sure its when the trial ends theyll charge you but theres only one way to find out and thats to try. What could ne the worst that could happene

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that they charge me when i just have $90 on the debit card???

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ok well what I’d do is go to apple store and chat to a live apple salesperson and ask them but I’m not sure if they are available 24/7 but there is usually a button that appears where the apple store phone# is

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if you can’t find how to chat with a apple fluther it

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If I only had $90 left on my debit card I’d have to resist my urge for tech and wait it out a bit…that’s just me though.

It’s great to have for syncing iPhone to computer but not essential; gmail, ymail etc. work just fine for calendaring and email and push email is disabled on my iPhone as I have no desire to repeat my former CrackBerry impulse of constantly pulling out the phone every other minute which ultimately is one of the “key” selling propositions of the Mobile Me service.

It could wait IMO unless you have a home office or other business needs that are more pressing.

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