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How to manage working two jobs and taking college courses?

Asked by alcanzox (82points) June 4th, 2016

Hi all, I’ve recently picked up a second job at the mall, and I am wondering how I will balance my first job working at a hotel and working my new second job as well when school starts again?
Currently, I am on summer break and will be off for several weeks.
I find this as a good time to pick up a second job and make a little more money on the side.
My first job I have a set schedule and work five days a week for about 8 hours a day.
My new second job I believe I will be working 20 hours a week, so possibly 4 days out of the week for 5 hours at a time.
But my question is, how should I go about managing my time when school comes around?
I only plan to take one class at a time, but it’s really hard for me to sleep at night.
I figure maybe having a calendar would help me in the long run…


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When I was in school and working full time, 32 hours a week plus 22 units in school, I started the quarter scheduling in every hour of the week, for every week of the quarter. I had work, class, meals. And then I scheduled my study hours.

And I even included some party time, because I knew I would need a bit of recreation in there too. I left enough unscheduled hours to fit in social occasions and extra study time when needed.

And then I followed the schedule rigorously. I had it posted on my bedroom door, so that I knew where I was to be (and so did my friends.). You can do it, it just takes planning. And a bit of commitment. But you are doing it for yourself, so make that commitment to yourself.

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First associate degree I worked around 30 hours and took a full course load.
Bachelor’s degree I had a full-time career and was able to go to school part-time
Grad school I was working a 50 hour a week professional career, a 20 hour teaching assistant position (20 hours hah!) and part-time course load.

The first two sucked but I could do it, I left grad school after a year because the schedule was too brutal. Why do you need to work that much when you are a student? I respect your work ethic but I think it’s probably too much to continue sustainably unless you can study at one of your jobs. I would consider leaving one when school comes around and take more classes if you can afford to do so. It can take a looong tme to finish just taking one class or so. It really depends on what your goals are for school though. If you are just taking classes for fun then it’s a moot point.

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As @ARE_you_kidding_me has asked, why do you need to work so many hours? Unless you cannot survive financially without working two jobs and so many hours for each job, you are doing yourself no favours. If you want your degree, and you have a career goal that demands a degree, you aren’t going to get quality results while working so many hours a week. You might be able to do it for a while, but it’s quite likely you will burn out. If you fail classes because you didn’t have the energy or time to study, in the long run the cost benefits of working while studying will be lost.

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Take your class syllabus and type an outline by it in word processing. When you come home from class….......that very day….....type your lecture notes into your outline. Always, prior to class, read the material and type reading notes into your outline as well. At exam time you’ll have a perfect study document. Don’t work the second job on class nights because you should come in from class and add your lecture notes right then. On the weekend read the assignment for the next class and type your reading notes into your outline. I did this working full time with two children by myself. It can be done. Organization and not procrastinating are the keys to the kingdom.

You’ll figure out the best outline format for you but under each heading and subheading I had a paragraph of reading notes and a paragraph of lecture notes. Sometimes they conflicted and I would get clarification prior to any exams.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I am just taking one course over the summer, but I just need the little extra money to pay off some debt, but then come August, I’m sure I will resign this new job.
Today was my first day, and in total I believe I worked possibly a 13 hour day (both jobs) and I feel pretty good at the end of the day.

@Earthbound_Misfit I hope the first comment helped you understand my situation a little bit better. :-) Thank you for the advice though, it is very much appreciated.
I am just trying to have a schedule for myself and have it be reasonable.

@MollyMcGuire That is sound advice and thank you for the encouragement.
My first job and second job understand that I cannot work on both days of my class so that is a plus for me, but I plan to only work 3 days out of the week at my second job.
Right now however, I have a bit of anxiety for not being up to speed with the work like everyone else at this new job, it was only my first day, so maybe I am just being a little too hard on myself.

Thank you all!

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It cannot be possible to handle two jobs and school. My suggestion instead of putting yourself into more pressures just give up one job and more concentrate on your studies which leads you to a permanent job for earnings. moreover, i believe that this is the age to explore nwe things and having some social life.

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