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Have you ever ate an insect or other unorthodox food?

Asked by bulbatron9 (3707points) July 29th, 2008

Ants are really tasty! Grasshoppers aren’t that great! Grubs are good, as long as they are not over matured! Any insects you have ate that you enjoyed? Ever ate a jellyfish? Anything out of the “NORM”?

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Rocky mountain oysters.

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Well unorthodox depends on one’s culture. When I was young, my father forced all kinds of food on me: cow brain, cow tongue, sheep intestines, frog’s legs, etc. I think that’s why I rarely eat meat these days. The psychological trauma was more horrid than the taste, at least from what I remember

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@Marina Goat Balls?

Pretty tasty, but they have to be cooked just right!

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Chocolate covered ants are fantastic!

And I really enjoy sweetbread, but as tinyfaery said, it all depends on the culture. It may be unorthodox here in my neck of the states, but I know it is pretty common in other places around the world.

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Nope. I’m boring. Well,.. Unless eating a rollie-pollie bug counts when you’ve been dared to eat it when you were little.

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I tried our small towns tap water and it was pretty nasty that’s about it

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I had frogs legs once, squirrel, snails, crocodile fingers, ostridge burger. All these things were before I went veg. Now I don’t really come across any “weird” like foods.

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Lamprey pie is weird. (I can’t remember if it was actually lamprey or if it was some other kind of eel-type thing or what. But it was pie made out of snake-shaped fish. And it was odd.)

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Trance: I’ve had an ostrich burger too. Pretty tasty actually. And it isn’t that uncommon here. There is actually a restaurant here pretty popular with the locals that makes a delicious ostrich burger.
I used to eat ants and rollie pollies when I was a kid. Haha.

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gator, rattle snake, squirel brains and tongue, nutra rat, chicken comb, feet and blood eggs, armadello, frogsbacks and legs, squab, crawfish, pickled cow stomach, turtle, hog head cheese… But never an insect that’s just gross.

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hey did u see that 2 and a half men episode with SQAB!!! That was hilarious

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i had kangaroo, frogs legs (which where disgusting) and had quite some small mealworms which where delicious raw as well as fried

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When I was two, I tried to eat a yellow jacket. The little booger helped me change my mind real quick!

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I ate termite in Belize – it tastes like mint.

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Ants, and snake (also snake blood)

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I have eaten a lot of mosquitoes and black flies accidently. When I bird-watch with binoculars and look up, my jaw drops. And I am usually in some black bog backwater.

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@bulb In this case, they were from calves. Very tender. I cooked them at the behest of a counselor at this summer camp I was working in at and served them to the staff table. The doctor who owned the camp chowed down heartily, but went out back and sicked up after the naughty prankster told him what they were. I, however, thought they tasted good.

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I ate Dr J. and i gotta tell you, it doesnt taste that great, and it doenst taste like jelly :( had it a sushi bar a year or so ago.

Ive also eaten sea urchin, stonefish, duck blood(it was coagulated like jello tasted pretty good) grasshoppers, beas, crickets, cows tongue, chicken liver, cicada (it was one of those 17 year locusts we caught them in my culinary class and sautéed them, quite yummy) frog legs,shark,eel, salmon roe, turtle

im sure im missing a few things from my list. I really want to try fugu mmmmm yummy puffer.

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I forgot i also had pigs tongue and octopus(does octopus count its not really that strange is it?)

id also like to try a “live” octopus.

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@uberbatman I actually like octopus. (Although they are so cute I hate the idea of eating them.) Have you had geoduck?

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Now that I have seen more listings I shall add more food : I also have had squid, stone fish, and duck blood(just a tiny bit), salmon roe, and octopus. I think that is it.

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octopus isn’t that strange, i remember having a lot of fun with my brother dissecting my first one, “okay, uhm let’s see, i guess i’ll just pull of the cap right” , it was tasty :)

and i love to eat squid rings

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@iwaomoto Me too. I like the little tentacle clusters too.

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@marina no i havent had a chance to try geoduck yet, every time i see it on the menu at the sushi bar, theyve always been out. I really want to try it though.Any good?

and the tentacles are the best part. I dont really like the small whole octopodes you generally find in salads(to chewy), im more a fan of a nice big slice of tentacle over some rice like youd find at a sushi bar.

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yeah i figured a pervert like you liked the tentacles jackson….

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@uberbatman The one time I had it, I was surprised. It wasn’t bad.

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I ate a dog biscuit the other day because I was trying to gross out my family. It tasted a lot like cardboard.

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And cat food probably tastes just like chicken.

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@buster A dog turd?

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pigs feet and cow tongue.

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Cow tongue or lengua is good. I have eaten many lengua tacos.

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t@bulbatron actually it was a doggie cheeto. it was orange and poofed but didnt taste like a cheeto at all just cardboard.

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Many insects, snakes,squirells,racoons,rabbits,horse,dog,goats,camel. and some more.

Now I’m a vegan.

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I’ve thought about umpa’ lumpas but I worried about getting gas

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