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Megalongcat does not cry. Only Longcat has tears. u_u

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More often than I’d like, but not as often as I should.

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I usually cry maybe 1 a month at the most but that’s because usually I got in a big fight (verbal) or because I sliced an onion and that’s usually why. I only got into a punch fight once because a jerk thought he could steal all of my food when we went camping and decided to throw my own hot bratworsts at me… It left welts

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I tear up at a lot of things. I have a really good cry a few times a year; its very cleansing.

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As often as I need to!

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The last time I had a good cry was last january when I said my goobyes to my family members at the airport. ~ that’s the instance that I remeber in my recent memory.

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It’s not something I can place a time on really. It’s only when I feel down or low, and even then I try and hold it back but once or twice in the past 6 month I’ve cried :) it feels really good, ‘cleansing’ as tinyfaery put it.

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I never cry. Sober….

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During sad movies. Sad commercials. Sad songs. Sad greeting cards.

I’m a big sap. So I’d say, all things considered, about 3 times a month.
(hell, I’m welling up now)

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Everytime I eat :s

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Sometimes I cry everyday over a period of time! I definitely cry a lot.

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Frequently. Last night I cried pretty much through the entire hour of the special ABC Primetime did on Randy Pausch’s life.

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more than I’d care to admit.

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