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Can we, or should we, flag private messages?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42453points) June 6th, 2016

Got this wacked message from some lisabliss80: hello my dear,nice to meet you.i am CoL.lisa bliss,from native of Buffalo New York in United are you today? hope fine.i pick intrest on you after going through your profile on.( i decided to contact you pls,i will like you to reply me now in my private ID ( have something privately to tell you OK pls,i will like to know more about that i will write to you more about myself and my photo,s too OK,is very important ok Thanks Am God bless you.

I’m going to ignore it obviously, but is this something them mods should be aware of?

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Yes, they should. Flag the profile of the sender.

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Oops. She left the building.

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She probably sent a bunch of mssgs like that (sorry, @Dutchess_III, none of us are really special to those folks) and a mod already got it. Oh well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be! ;-)

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Oh, I’m sure she did, @canidmajor. I wasn’t feeling particularly special.

Where do those kinds of things lead, if one is stupid enough to follow it?

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That’s how you get people begging you to send money for their church in Nigeria.

My mother in law fell for that crap all the time.

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I’ve done it twice that I can remember. Two different jellies who were upsetting me. They were relentless. Wouldn’t stop after they were asked.

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If you are getting spam messages from another jelly, definitely flag the profile and/or let a moderator know. If you decide to flag the profile, let us know in the comments box that spammy PMs are the issue.

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And the English is so crappy that theres no way that shes a native of Buffalo, NY. ha ha.

I doubt its even a woman. Probably a Nigerian scam artist sitting in an internet cafe looking to part you from your money.

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@Dutchess_III, none of us are really special to those folks

Don’t worry, you’re very special to us here

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LOL! Not sure exactly how to take that! It kinda sounds like that Southern “Bless your heart…” :D

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