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What is a good Windows alternative to Garage Band?

Asked by thebalrog (27points) July 20th, 2007

I recently acquired a decent set of sound equipment for recording music, but I don't have very good software. I have Cakewalk Guitar Tracks 2 (which is about 23 years old, I'm fairly certain). I'm looking for something Windows-based that is (hopefully) as easy to use as Garage Band and still does a decent job of recording. I don't need lots of features, but something intuitive would be nice.

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Probably Acid.

Beyond that Cubase, Pro-Tools, and Digital Performer

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Adobe Audition is good. Sony SoundForge is also good. Looking for Open-source and Free? AUDACITY.

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Coll edit is another one I have heard a lot of people like

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Band in a Box. Inexpensive. Just check out their website.

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my vote is for acid.

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you can try trakAxPC (completely free – no trial) –

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