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Why does our pubic hair (or body hair) grow back a lot faster then your own hair on your head?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) June 7th, 2016

Now I can’t be the only one that’s curious about this!
I’ve always noticed when I did shave my leg or arm or armpit or etc (a lot in the past but not a lot now) that my pubic hair or body really would just grow. An I mean grow back faster and longer. But then that got me thinking, if someone were to cut there hair on there head that was really long and made it short. Then want to grow it back, how come it doesn’t grow back as fast as your pubic hair, but takes years to grow? The hair on your head is apart of your body so why not?

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It may just seem like it. I mean guys have to shave every day and some guys have to shave twice. Color and thickness plays into it I’m sure. The darker and thicker it is the more noticeable it seems. If you had to shave your head, I bet you would think it grew in quicker than other body hair. It’s just one of the things you don’t notice unless it bugs you in some way.

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They are two different types of hair.

You have had the hair on you head since you were a toddler, and if you let it grow, it will got long down your back.

But you have only had pubic hair and underarm hair and on your legs since you went through puberty. And if you never shaved it or trimmed it, it would not grow very long. Leg hair maybe a half inch at most; pubes even the long ones on people with long pubic hair, maybe three inches tops.

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Facial hair on most men (and some women) is more like pubic hair than the hair on your head. It tends to be coarser and thicker, and usually grows faster

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I’ve been curious about this too. i haven’t done any research but I have come to the conclusion that the pubic and underarm hair grows more quickly than the rest. My hair on my head grows quick enough as I dye the greys and have to do it quite often. But my theory is that I think the hair in the ‘corners’ of your body is there to protect your skin from chaffing. So if you shave them off, your body feels the skin chaffing and sends a message to grow that hair back again as quickly as possible.

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The hair on your head is like the grass in your lawn. The more weather it has to put up with, the more it suffers. Your pubic hair is always in the same warm, protected part. Maybe that has something to do with it.
Also, pubic hair is different. Ever notice that it only grows just so long and no longer? It is the only hair on your body that grows for only a certain amount of time, then the follicle dies (? Or goes on vacation) and the hair falls out. but soon another hair grows back and the whole process starts over.

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I did not find this to be true. When I lost most of my hair due to a medical issue, the pubic hair was not the first to recover.

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