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How would a guitar sound in outer space?

Asked by Braswell (24points) July 29th, 2008

would it ring out forever with no gravity, or would it even make a sound at all

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You look new (little lurve?). Welcome to Fluther!

no air = no median for sound waves to travel through = no sound

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I like how your question isn’t “How does sound work in outer space?” But rather, “How would a guitar sound in outer space?”

Way more epic.

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Silent. This one goes to zero.

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If you were in a movie, it would sound awesome. Outside of a movie, it would sound awful because of the fact that you were wearing large ether-proof gloves.

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I think it would sound like Pink Floyd.

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I don’t know, but how high could you tre-flip on the moon?

Pretty damn high!

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Zero sound in space. Star Wars = Lies… Space Odyssey = Truth

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Yep, no one hears your guitar scream in space.

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Assuming a microgravity environment (and an electric pickup, which doesn’t need air to make a signal), the lack of atmosphere and gravity would make the strings vibrate differently, and probably for a longer period. I would guess a lot more sustain and possibly slightly louder than expected…?

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If a guitar could make a sound, how would you listen to it?

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I’m gonna just have to forgo the truth and pretend that music would be increasingly epic as you exit the atmosphere and enter into space… so…

Who would have the best show in outer space?!?!?

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Sound can travel through space, space is not a total vacuum. Atoms of gas give the universe a atmosphere, albeit a very thin one. Since sound travels compressed so it would translate into the sound being undetectable to human ears. I would imagine it would sound really really quiet.

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No sound at all in outer space. Sound need dense air to propagate, put a alarm in a air free environnement and you won’t hear a thing.

So no air, no sound

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