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Does the load time increase the more answers a question has?

Asked by rojo (24159points) June 9th, 2016

Seems that way to me when I flip between questions.

Just asking.

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I only really notice a lag time if the Q has a really LOT of posts. Makes sense, more data, more load time.

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It must be.
Try loading this page.
Now try loading this page.

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Yes it does. People would start complaining when my “tell me something great thread” was taking too long to load.

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That’s certainly the case with my iphone.

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Yes. More info on the page means longer to load. But you need a lot of answers (or a bad connection) to notice.

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Yep, but it only becomes obvious when there’s a very long thread. It makes sense. All the answers are stored in a database and the query takes longer on bigger data.

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Yes. The “What’s for dinner” thread is one I keep loading and it’s slow.

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@janbb Is there a recent one of those up and running?

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@dxs There is a recent one, and it takes awhile to load.

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It seems to vary with the user, and the application they’re using to access Fluther.

I’ve had questions that were loading just fine for me (on my desktop) that I’ve restarted because other users complained about a long load time.

If you’ve experienced a consistently long load time between questions, it could be due to your access, or it could be one of the many times Fluther had a glitch.

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This one, which I think must be one of the longest-running threads, is extremely slow to load, even on a laptop or pc.

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Do you know that there may have been trouble with the system, recently?

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^ I don’t think there was, actually. I seem to have been the only one to experience any problems, and my internet was spotty that day.

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@Yetanotheruser: I clicked on it and then after about a minute, I clicked off. Which question was it? Just curious but don’t want to wait an hour LOL.

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@jca It’s @blondesjon’s ”Will someone please hijack this thread?” question, with a current answer count of 2660. It just took three minutes to load on my laptop, and I remember clocking it at eight minutes once on my phone.

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The easiest thing to do is open in another tab, or window, @jca.

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Even easier than that was to click out of it and ask here, @ibstubro. :)

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