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Dog owners: Does old-age incontinence typically appear sudden-onset?

Asked by longgone (17105points) June 10th, 2016

My old girl peed in the apartment last night, and again just now (while home alone). I’m waiting for my vet to call me back – but meanwhile, could this be old age? She seems perfectly happy in general. She’s twelve, and she hasn’t peed in the apartment in about as many years.

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I have found that sometimes old dogs are sometimes prone to this, and it can be a surprise. I realized, for example, that my 15½ YO boy has started drinking more, but I didn’t notice that until there were a few “out of the blue” accidents that seemed sudden.
Now I monitor as well as I can, and take him out more often.
I hope your girl is OK!

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Hi. Have you talked to the vet?

Twice in 12–24 hours seems a lot if it’s never happened in the past. Our old boy and girl dog both became incontinent in their last year or so, but it was a pretty gradual event as they seemed to get more forgetful and confused.

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I had a little Dachshund/Corgi mix years ago that developed an abdominal tumor that was pressing against her bladder and caused her to become incontinent. Have her checked.
My dog was 11 at the time and it seemed it came on quickly. Probably as the tumor grew larger.

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Not in my experience. Call your vet.

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Many variables here. Not enough info. Any new meds (like steroids?) Or increase in water consumption? If it’s a female, some rule outs would be a UTI or kidney function. Could have just been an anomaly. Is she epileptic? Seizing and or post ictal behavior would fit peeing in the house.
With no further info, recommend urinalysis, and base blood work including kidney function. If dog is epileptic, perhaps it’s seizing when you’re not around and loosing control of its bladder. Then again, some dogs seem to become incontinent with age , with no other real obvious reasons. If it’s an older dog that is on steroids for one reason or the other, those drugs increase thirst / water consumption, and therefore urine output… Steroids are common medicinal treatments for animals. Mainly to control infamation or as a immune suppression drug…
Schedule an apt with your vet.

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Hormone responsive urinary incontinence (old female dog incontinence) starts gradually, usually with leakage while sleeping.

I’d definitely recommend a trip to the vet. She may have a urinary tract infection or an underlying metabolic issue such as diabetes or may have renal disease.

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Thanks, all. It hasn’t happened a third time. The weekend vet is busy with a bunch of emergencies, so we will have to wait. I’m definitely having her checked out on Monday, though. I’m worried.

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I forgot to update you all. Turns out she does have a mild case of renal disease – @syz, you were right. She’s back to normal now, however. She stopped eating for a while, but seems really bouncy this last couple of weeks. Thanks for chiming in!

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Bouncy sounds good!

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So glad she’s doing better!

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^ Bouncy is very good! I’m extremely relieved.

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