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What are some movies, set in the future, whose predictions came to pass much earlier than depicted?

Asked by ragingloli (46660points) June 11th, 2016

For example, the movie Idiocracy, set 500 years into the future, gave us a meathead, showman, smack-talking president ruling over a nation of single digit IQ morons.
And now, just 10 years after the release of the movie, Trump is about to be elected president.

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H.G. Wells’ Things to Come. Amazingly accurate in 1936 and still great fun to watch. You’ll even spot a Trump-like demagogue among the many characters.

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Total Recall was set in 2084 but self-driving cars like the Johnnycab are taking their first baby steps on the road today.

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I disagree with the OP.
While the President is a low IQed, media created smack talker, he is at no time referred to as the first. Trump wouldn’t be, either. Bush 43 fits those qualifications well.
In the original story that Total Recall was based (Do The Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?), the lead character Dennis Quail uses carbon paper to make multiple copies of a letter he writes.
A better example might be how Johnny Pneumatic has to transport data in his head, rather than just using the Internet.

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I actually think some screenwriters get a little too optimistic about the future. Back to the Futute is an example of this. I think it is safer to do futuristic movies and books set in a more distant future, because I’m still waiting on my Hoover board lol

But as far as early predictions. Star Trek with the communicators, data pads etc

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Johnny Mnemonic.^^ ...Hooverboard? Does it suck? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But actually the Hoverboard actually exists.

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@Jak Lol haha I blame auto spell. Too bad there is only one hoverboard.

Although a hooverboard sounds like a cool enemy sci fi weapon. It would fly across the sky at night, randomly sucking people into it

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In “Back to the Future II,” the Chicago Cubs won the 2015 World Series. That one almost came true; the Cubs were a powerful team that made the postseason.

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^^ :-), or some adaptation of a “Roomba” gone rogue! (With a cat overlord calmly sitting on top of it!)

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“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick was what the movie Blade Runner was based upon.

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@Buttonstc Ugh! You’re right. I meant “We’ll Remember It For You Wholesale”. I blame my mistake on brain damage from heart surgery.

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Yikes. Remind me to not sign up for heart surgery :)

But I find myself remembering less and less with each passing year. The only reason I remembered this one is because Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies and I thought they should have kept the original title since it was such a clever way to wonder about Android functioning.

And I think it would have been a far better movie title than Blade Runner which is just a weird two words slapped together.

Even tho I loved the whole movie, for years I had trouble remembering it’s title. I think Dick’s title was far more creative.

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