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What's softer? The palms of your hands, or the soles of your feet?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) June 16th, 2016

I walked out on my (relatively smooth, pebbled concrete) patio this morning, and it occurred to me that I’d be more comfortable, physical sensation wise, walking on my hands.

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Not for me it wouldn’t; years of walking barefoot as often as possible have made my feet tough and calloused.

You ^think* your hand are tough, because you can hold a sharp pebble or a Lego piece in your hand. But consider how different it would feel if you were doing a handstand on it with your full weight.

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All my adult life I’ve had plantar warts, so out of consideration for others, I don’t even walk on carpet barefoot in my own home.

But I’m also not in the habit of carrying around 150 pounds in my hands, @zenvelo. Point well taken.

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I take five dance classes a week. My feet have serious callouses – I need them to spin/turn/arabesque/chassee/pas de bourree properly. I’ve yelled at the pedicure lady when she wanted to sand the callouses off…...nooooo! I need those.

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5 ballet classes a week? @BellaB?

Your profession?

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modern bellydance. I study with these two lovelies

I also co-direct a local Turkish Roma dance collective.

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I’m an office lady :) in real life

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I didn’t even know that there were enough Turkish Roma dancers in America to collect!

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I’m in Canada ... but there are quite a few wonderful Turkish Roma dancers in the U.S as well . Some fantastic dance companies. Apparently the next big conference will be in Minneapolis of all places.

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My palms are softer. My feet are tougher. I can’t walk on my hands in normal circumstances.

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My palms. I don’t wear shoes unless I have to, even at the lake.

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I’m an elephant. Nothing’s soft on me.

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Just felt my hands & my feet, aren’t you the powerful one & my hands win in the soft stakes.
My face also beats my arse cheeks, probably the reason why everyone says I look younger than I am

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