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Do rides function when it's thundering and raining?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) July 30th, 2008

Today i was planning to go to the fair, and was wondering if they still keep all their rides going even when it’s raining or thundering out?

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if they have the rides going during rain and thunder, don’t go on them; they’re not safe.

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@poofandmonk, is it alright to go on the rides still if it’s just raining then?

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if it’s a drizzle, maybe, but I still wouldn’t trust it. Especially one of those pack-up-and-go fairs. Heavy rain, absolutely not.

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oh, awe, what a bummer, it’s a risk of 40% chance of thunderstorms here.. haha and it is one of those ‘pack up and go’ fairs that only comes once a year.

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so go before it starts raining! hehe

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Lol, but i’ll be there the entire day anyways. :P

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They won’t allow anyone on the rides during rain.

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I don’t know about rides, but I do know about weather: a 40% chance of rain probably means that there will be scattered thunderstorms in your area today. The chance that you at any specific time and location will experience rain is 40%. So if I were you, I would go to the fair. You have pretty good odds that you won’t be in the location where it rains, and even if it does, it will be a passing thunderstorm which won’t last more than 15 minutes.

edit: and just as another piece of useless information: Meteorologists like to err on the side of disaster when making forecasts. TV meteorologists will tend to predict worse things than will probably occur because if these things don’t happen, people are happy. If your forecast today said “10% chance of rain”, and then you got caught in three thunderstorms, it would make you angry that the weatherman didn’t predict it well. So really, you probably have more of a 20–30% chance of rain today.

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Aside from it “being wet”, there are other problems. High winds can make sections of track (say, on rollercoasters) wobble. That, plus weight and force going across it at an unintended angle of track could result in a collapse.

Water on the track? Zero traction for a ride’s brake system… which makes the ride run faster, sure, but think about the loading bay: What if you’re trying to get on a ride and the next car comes slamming into the car you’re trying to climb inside of? Or… worse.

Also, think about thunderstorms. They have lightning in them. Lightning tends to strike the tallest standing objects in the area first. Do you want to be the highest thing in the air when a thunderstorm’s rolling over?


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@lovelocke: really, did you have to add the sarcastic nasty bit at the end? Couldn’t you have just nicely answered the question the way I stupidly thought you had until the very end? Are you incapable?

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Where’s the sarcasm in his answer?

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@poof – I know you like to stalk me from thread to thread, and I guess your own discomfort provides me some amusement as well. It was a pretty good answer, I thought.

@Cheebdragon – Thanks, sweet one.

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“SCIENCE.” You can try and argue that’s not sarcastic, but really, it’s not nice. Kid was just asking a friggin question.

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Even if the rides are still running, if it’s raining, I don’t recommend going on them. I once was at an amusement park when it began to rain and I rode the roller coaster before the precipitation was heavy enough for them to stop running the ride. OUCH. Rain stings when it’s hitting you that hard!

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ive come to the conclusion that lovelocke is a constant douche in any answer that he gives

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Lol. well it didn’t hail and thunder the entire time yesterday, I just ran for the buildings while it did, and just looked around the exhibits in there for the meanwhile. It was still a pretty fun day, and I’m really glad i went. :P

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And peace one again returns to the valley . . .

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