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Anyone else having problems posting to fluther?

Asked by Pandora (29243points) June 21st, 2016

Ok, well this is posted more as a possible help to others who are having problems posting on their desktop. Dutchess found out that using works. I’m trying it out right now to see if this works.

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Yes, this has been going on for about 5 days now and there are numerous questions about why Fluther is not Fluthering. It gets better, it reverts. The team is on task but the core issues are not yet resolved.

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Server problems. We’re aware and working on it.

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Note the X’s. Scripts aren’t loading. Like this one.

Edit :: This appears to be a function of how you modified robots.txt and the CDN (Cloudfront) not being cool with it.

If I understand the architecture here correctly there is a load balancer that feeds to two servers running apache. I would just block the crawlers in /etc/hosts on the load balancer and cross your fingers. At least that is what I would do until you can come up with a solution that isn’t a hack.

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Oh, and here is the console output from the mobile site.

That does load. So maybe my cloudflare thinking was incorrect.

edit :: And I will explain my reasoning for thinking you should block the crawlers at a lower level in etc/hosts. When a request is made and it hits robots.txt it is still triggering a new thread in Apache which will use a bit of RAM and CPU. If blocked in etc/hosts it just stops it before Apache is triggered. It is somewhat like a firewall and the request is essentially sent to /dev/null.

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I thought it would be better if we had one “go to” question in meta and drop the several other versions, if possible.
Then everyone will know as much as anyone without having to post/read several question.

If you receive a 500 Internal Server Error during the next several days, can you relax?

If you receive a 500 Internal Server Error during the next several days, can you relax?

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Thanks @ibstubro
Also please do check out the Facebook page and bookmark it so that if the site is down then at least you can look there and read what’s going on. No login or participation required. Here is the full address:

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