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What is something you look forward to every day or almost every day?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) June 21st, 2016

Put aside the obvious…family, sex, etc…and share what little things you look forward to that bring a smile and joy into your life. I just filled my bird feeder for my feathered friends and is something I do every day I can

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My commute.

I use the train or my bicycle. Either I get some nice reading time, or I’m out riding my bike.

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Right now, in the middle of a heat wave, that lovely early dawn, about 5:30 a.m. when it is cool and dusky and there is a few hours of delightful coolness before the western inferno kicks in. 5:11 pm. right now and Coloma is having an ice cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, with 2 more on standby in the frizzer. Fans on turbo speed. Trying to conserve using any AC, I cant afford it any more.

95 in the shade, going for well over a hundred all next week, potentially up to 108!
I may have to go skinny dipping in the communal pool here one night.

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@Cruiser P.S. I have tried to message you with a greeting, but the fluther fandango of fissues has not allowed it. Nice to see you my friend!

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hot black coffee

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Nightly Business Report on PBS. At 6:30pm or earlier on YouTube.

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My early morning walk. On workdays, before dawn to the train. On the weekends, down to get a latte usually by 7. See the sky, hear the birds, enjoy the light. And listen to Writer’s Almanac along the way.

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The dawn chorus. They are silent, then they start on some signal that I never hear. The feel of the early morning air. Seeing the sunrise. It’s always different but generally spectacular. Feeding the birds, bunnies, squirrels and gophers in the evening. They know me and my car now. Game of Thrones for one more Sunday night. Having my daughter and grandkids move in with me. Thanks for asking this q.

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@Coloma I appreciate the virtual salutations as always and back at you dear!

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@Jak I swear you either read my mind or hacked my account as except for the daughter part you are in sync with the very tidbits of the day that matter most to me. +5

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@Cruiser :-)

@Jak I adore Gophers, we have the western pocket gophers here and I have saved many a pre-teen gopher from the cats. haha The babies are still too inexperienced to know that coming above ground is dangerous. lol

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For the Summer
Waking up to the birds singing and not an annoying alarm.

Making homemade ice coffee and sipping it well into the morning.

Listening to podcasts on my commute in and out of the city.

Watching the first three seasons of “The Americans” on Amazon Prime.

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Seeing/hearing birds and feeling warm sun on my face. Feeding my fish and watering my plants.

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Surfing Fluther and Amazon. Getting parcels from Amazon.

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@cookieman and @Mariah I am riding shotgun to your answers….

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@Cruiser it pleases me that there are things upon which we can agree. I’ll send you positive energy with tomorrow’s sunrise ;-)

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Looking outside. Whether I get to go out or not (It’s rare I don’t leave the house at all) I like to look outside.

Sitting on the sofa and watching a few hours of my recorded TV shows.

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You said not family, but I really look forward to morning tea with my husband. I love that time of day. It also usually involves cuddlydumkins with my dog. He likes to jump on the bed and he lays down next to me, and we cuddle for a little while. And I love it when my cat comes for a cuddle too (except for when I’m tying and his cuddle involves laying across my arms). And weekends when I can go out and take photographs.

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I look forward to that 15 minutes after the sun goes down and before it really gets dark when the heat of the day begins to dissipate and the cool breeze begins to gently stir the leaves in the trees. I wander through the back yard and water the various plants and vegetables.

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A cup of coffee and my pillow at the end of the day.

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Starting the day off with a decent small breakfast and getting into my exercise routine. Looking outside to greet the day is another one. Watering the plants and yard, I find relaxing.

Mostly, cuddles and kisses with the dogs the moment my eyes open… As they are usually staring at me, waiting.

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The cool crispness of the morning at dawn with a cup of coffee.

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Sentience—and the possibility that my knees will hurt less than the day before.

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I started late and I live in a rural area. Every time I get in the car, it gives me a little flush of possibility. That the only thing stopping me from a new experience today is myself.

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@ibstubro, I feel I should call you Toad, as in Toad of Toad Hall in Wind in the Willows. Your post reminded me of his character.

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I’m not certain how I should take that, @Earthbound_Misfit, having previously been unaware of Mr. Toad.

I admit I’d be proud to wear the mantle of “lovable rogue”.

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The internet in general especially Facebook and email. Love to scan homes for sale . I also often receive packages from Amazon and that’s fun. The rest of it is all work so I look forward to the end of each day with my books . Pretty pathetic, I think.

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@Aster it could be worse

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My morning coffee.
My hubby coming home.
Snuggling with my pup in the evening.
And a good crap is always welcomed any day. You all know it. Don’t deny it.

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@Pandora AMEN to that last part!!

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Hitting the memory foam at night is another bliss out end of the day, moment. haha
Also, right now, going out to the amazing, huge and lush garden here to search for the daily harvest of cucumbers, squash, and soon tomatoes.

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Judge Judy.

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@Pandora Don’t be talking shit on Fluther now! You’ll get [redacted].

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Vente Pike Place with an add shot

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Hearing the birds and squirrels make cute cheeps and chitters outside my window.

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Pranking the housestaff, today was the chauffeur’s turn, I ordered him to bring the rolls to the front drive at 7am precisely as I had an important business meeting to attend.
I rode past him on my unicycle, naked, honking an air horn & wearing a gormless grin.

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@Dutchess_III LOL. I wasn’t talking shit. I was talking about feces. All of us. Rich, poor, young, old, of every race and religion all feel extreme relief after a good fecal drop. Even my dog. She can be mopey all day but after a good dung drop she runs around like a little pup. I bet a backed up Elephant is happiest of all.
Happy Excrement day to all! Well, except for those with the runs.

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I love coffee in the morning, whether at home, at work or out in a restaurant, depending on the day of the week.

I love vanilla Greek yogurt with ground up walnuts and fresh fruit (those are my additions).

I love hitting the bed at the end of the day. No matter where I go on vacation, how fancy the hotel may be, I always say there’s no place like your own home and your own bed.

Now that it’s summer, I love being on my deck, on the chaise lounge, with a glass of water and the computer, phone and maybe a book or magazine. I put up the umbrella and I prop open the screen door so the cats can come and go (they love to spend time with their mother on the deck). I love a day when I don’t have to go anywhere, and I can stay on the deck for hours. If it’s too hot, I’ll come out here (where I am now) toward the end of the day when the sun gets low. Right now it’s perfect – not too humid and not too hot yet. There may be only 3 or 4 months of good deck weather, usually between around mid-May and September. Before that and after that it’s too chilly or windy.

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If I’m lucky, kissing dogs.

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sitting on my neighbour Evá‘s porch steps at the end of the day with my little dog sitting on my feet

Eva and I sit and chat and look at people walking around (and she yells at cars going the wrong way down the street)

the best day of the year is the day I spot Baba Evda sitting on her chair on the porch – it means summer is on its way and we will be visiting together

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Since I learned how to shave correctly it’s become my favorite form of instant gratification.

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@SABOTEUR Oh yes. I look forward to Q-tipping my ears.

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@ Is that you and your pussy? Awwww…..nice pic, now go shave. lol

I am looking forward to a nice, cold, shower in a minute. Hot as hell here and I was just out doing stuff and got all sweaty in about 5 minutes. gah, I hate being sweaty, hate, hate, hate it!

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Same here @Coloma. Even if you don’t do much, you sweat and it just puts a nasty film on you that only soap and water will wash away. Feels so good!

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Leaving work.
On the weekend: my midday nap.

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Opening the bedroom curtains to check the weather
Catching up on the news.

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Going out to get the newspaper and looking it over despite the bad news it contains. Watering my flower baskets in the summer.

At night, a hot bath and then getting in bed to read.

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It’s summer, I look forward to being woken up every morning by my grandkids. I get to keep them all week now.

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Laughing at the crass stupidity of the Remain bad losers, lost in a world of bitterness & ignorance.

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Fluther, that’s why I’m here.

But seriously I think I’m kind of addicted to Fluther. I have to check the site every morning if nothing unexpected happens. I do a regular check at noon and evening too.

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Being another day older, my life is pointless most days. I feel sad for people that die far to early, when they had a great life, full of love, adventure, lots of friends. Then there are the ones like me. I will no doubt live to 100.

Other than that, I enjoy the soaps. Emmerdale amd Coronation Street, and drinking alcohol.

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