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Anyone know a great journalist with management experience interested in working for an international company?

Asked by JLeslie (65542points) June 22nd, 2016 from iPhone

My company is looking for someone in Europe or America. Must have excellent English editing skills. Fluent in German is a big plus, but not required. Any second language is a plus, but not required.

It’s self contract work, the person is not an employee. I’m not sure how many hours of work.

This person must be experienced in written journalism, we aren’t looking for TV people (unless they have both skills of course).

I’m hoping this is ok to post on Fluther? It might get modded. I’m not trying to promote where I work; rather, I am hoping it might help a jelly or one of their friends, or family, and help my boss too.

I do think you will enjoy the website though. World news with an emphasis on Europe and Asia. They write for many of the news outlets you’re familiar with.

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Can the person work from Kansas?

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Sure. It doesn’t matter where as long as they have experience. Do you know someone?

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Oh. Lol. :)

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Well, I would like to but….

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