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If you receive a 500 Internal Server Error during the next several days, can you relax?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) June 22nd, 2016

There’s moderation, and, gasp development in progress. We should all know this by now.

If you experience technical problems, it seems to me the best course would be to switch to mobile.
Alternately, maybe take a short break and check back in later to see the Fluther improvements.

By all means, keep all open flames away from your hair!

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I’ve had to toggle between regular and mobile to ask ask and edit a question, and to post answers.

I prefer the regular app, and when it goes wonky I just switch to mobile, that I keep open in a separate tag. Being logged into and using both applications in the same device at the same time appears to present no problems.

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Thank you – yes we’ll appreciate it greatly if people can be patient and go with the flow for a little while while work is done. seems to be working completely if you have need to do anything that isn’t working on the main site. I know it’s not ideal but at least we do have a workaround right now, yeah?

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I’m cool, it is what it is. If things aren’t up to speed I just go do something, gasp…in real life here. 7:09 am and I am going outside to have my coffee and take in the morning here.

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Some change is good and all improvements to Fluther are good too.

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I think the problem is that not everyone checks into Fluther ever day so all may not be aware for several days, what exactly is going on.

Maybe the best thing to do (if possible) is send messages to each member so when they do come back they realize what is going on. Or make a statement on the home page in big letters on top there there are technical problems being worked on and going on your phone or using is temporary solution.

The first time I could post after several attempts of trying is spend the whole day cleaning my computer. I thought maybe I had a virus or something. But that was also because it was running a bit slow.

When I found everything was working and up to speed but fluther, then I thought maybe I did something wrong and was no longer permitted to post questions.

Then Duchess helped me out and told me what was going on. So I posted a question to help anyone who maybe wasn’t up to speed. But as more questions do get posted the threads move down screen and anyone checking in a few days later may not be aware.

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Anyone else having it where the banner image won’t load?

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I was trying to herd the cats to one location, @Pandora so the mods could up-date all at once. I think we had 4 questions running when the current trouble started this morning. For my own sanity, I’ve at least tried to link the previous question here.

I get different wonks at different times, @johnpowell. I think it has to do with whatever they’re working on at the time, then when they upload the 500 errors came back?
You know more about it than I do. Does that make sense?

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It’s less handy for me to check the meta section on mobile, too, BTW.

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@johnpowell I’ve had no problem with the banner loading. It’s always the first part to load for me. It’s the contents below that will be slow loading. It’s a little better.

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Calling y’all to Facebook! I’m telling you, Facebook is the new Fluther! :)

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^ Nooo….I don’t do FB anymore, but you guys have fun.

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@Coloma: There’s been a FB page for discussion and fun stuff. This new FB page seems to be for informative purposes. Info about the problems and stuff like that.

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There’s a link at the very, very top of this page to the Facebook info page, @Coloma, et al.

You don’t have to be a member. I’m not.
I hate to see them encourage the use of FB instead of Fluther.

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At least now we know why @johnpowell‘s banner wouldn’t load for a while! Development!

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Please do check out the Facebook page and bookmark it so that if the site is down then at least you can look there and read what’s going on. No login or participation required. Here is the full address:

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Yes, everyone needs to bookmark the new Facebook page!
Mobile was down for me this morning 6–23, and searching for Fluther Facebook did not get me to the page linked above so I would have a clue.

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Yeah! Good job guys.

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