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Is there any way for the Republican Party to build a wall around Donald Trump before the end of the Republican Nominating Convention, and make Trump pay for it?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) June 22nd, 2016

I stole the question from this article because I thought it was cleverly hilarious.

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The Republicans just plain screwed up. They were actually geniuses at devising a system whereby idiots and defectives might be ensconced in the White House and then be controlled by people virtually unelectable. Reagan was the template for a true know nothing President and is today revered on right to the virtual exclusion of Mr Lincoln. Reagan’s successor however, in spite of his rather dufus demeanor, was nobody’s slouch intellectualy. The first Bush was clearly an individual capable of thinking on his feet, and as such defied right wing dogma with such utterances as “voodo economics”. He is understandably rather bitterly remembered for the effort. Things went South with the attempt to repeat the Reagan “miracle” in the guise of GW. The problem was and remains that the talent pool available to tug W’s strings was sub par at best, and the results speak for themselves. The party itself completely missed the lesson of Palin, an absolute know nothing, clearly determined to remaim that way through the handy expedient of ignoring any and all advice. So enter Mr. trump, darling of the expanding all powerful rube base, and the all time worst possible candidate for puppetry conceivable. They did it to themselves, and may cook the rest of us as well.

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On a serious note, when I finished reading it, that article I linked to turned out to be the best thing I’ve read on the subject of Trump, bar none.
Funny and insightful without a discernible political bias or Trump overshadow.

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Ha, interesting idea and a good article.

It’s too late now. The R party had chance after chance to do something about Trump, dating back to the middle of last year when there were 16 people running for President. They were so into out-rightwinging themselves that they lost sight of the big picture (gee, where have I heard this before?)

Here’s the real problem for the R party. If they depose Trump, who will they put in his place? That person will be a double target – first from the right wingers who will feel that the person is not legitimate, and second from the Democrats who will be training all of their attention at the interloper.

This is a no-win (literally) situation for the R party.

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