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How can i tone my tummy at home?

Asked by eeyore200343 (180points) July 30th, 2008
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Yoga. Sit ups. Y’know, excercise. Google it.

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Winsor Pilates

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Sit ups and crunches are probably the best easy to do exercises you can do at home for your tummy :)

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The program I’m following right now incorporates upper body crunches, lower body crunches, dumbell side raises (standing with dumbell in hand and raising and lowering the dumbell side, rotating over your navel), abdominal twists (sitting in a halfway sit up position and twisting and reaching out from side to side, pausing in the middle), and double crunches (upper and lower combo. Do one style each day, and do three sets each time. Do about 30 reps altogether to start and build up each week until you get to 60 or 75 reps total. You should feel results in 5 weeks. Even better in 10. Also, check out

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the “core musculature” exhibits a poor propensity for hypertrophy among skeletal muscles. in other words the abdominal muscles exhibit a very poor capacity to grow and
strengthen. while it is very important to continually strengthen the abdominal musculature, “toning” is much more of a function of diet rather than abdominal size/ strength. as with most things your best bet is to eat a balanced diet combined with strength training and metabolic work to achieve the look you are after.

some of the best fat loss training can be integrated at home in a circuit fashion. for example:
1 minute of body-weight squats followed by 1 minute of pushups followed by 1 minute of chinups followed by 1 minute of jumping rope then rest 3 minutes and repeat. each week increase the number of repetitions for each exercise and/ or increase the number of circuits from 2 to 3, then 4, then 5. this type of work is incredibility difficult but extremely effective (much more so that traditionally aerobic training).

ultimately, no method is effective if it is not performed. so traditionally aerobic training coupled with a controlled diet is still more effective than doing nothing if you find circuit training too difficult.

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Everyone has five extra minutes a day, so put it to good use. Get on the floor and start working your abs because a strong core is the base of a rockin’ body. Note: don’t expect to see results from toning if you’re not doing regular cardio exercise. Although you can focus your toning on specific areas of the body, you won’t see results if those areas are covered in flab. Cardio will burn your extra calories and allow for your soon-to-be toned muscles to emerge.

5 Minute Abs:

1. Start with your basic crunch (feet on the ground) for 20 reps.

2.Extend your legs up in the air and do 20 more reps.

3. With your feet in the air lift from the lower abdomen and lift your lower back off the ground for 20 more reps (these are called reverse crunches).

4. Lower your feet to a 90 degree angle and alternating elbow to opposite knee do 20 reps of bicycle crunches.

5. Lower your feet completely to the floor and with your body at about a 45 degree angle clasp your hands in the middle and twist slowly from side to side for 20 reps on both sides.

Repeat Sequence 5 times

After your 5 minute killer abs, cool down by turning over onto your stomach and bring yourself up into a plank by resting on your elbows and lifting up on your toes. Make sure to keep your back straight and then count to 30. Do this at least 3 times (you can even mix it up a little by tightening your stomach muscles and rocking from side to side) This will tighten your core and be the perfect topper for your 5 minute ab workout.

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