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When you cook, do you use a lot of garlic?

Asked by jca (36043points) June 24th, 2016

When I see some cooking shows, I often see them using tons of garlic. I am not a Rachel Ray fan, but happened to catch one of her episodes the other day. They were cooking some vegetable, and putting in many cloves of garlic. “Lots of garlic, lots of garlic” she was saying.

I didn’t grow up on plain food, but my mom rarely used garlic and if she did, there was not a lot in the food.

In the way I cook and eat now, I try to avoid garlic because it means days of bad breath.

How about you? Do you use a lot of garlic when you cook?

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It depends on what I cook. I see garlic as another kind of seasoning. I don’t mind its smell and I’m not affected by the smell at all. There is some food that needs a lot of garlic like steak.

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I love garlic, and if a recipe calls for it, I will use generous amounts – maybe half again as much the recipe suggests.

An aside – my boyfriend, at 26 years old, was trying out cooking for himself for apparently the first time in his life the other day. Long story short, he learned the hard way that when a recipe calls for a clove of garlic, it does not mean the entire bulb.

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Love cooking with garlic. There are so many dishes I can’t imagine without it.

but best of all… roasted garlic… I can eat it like candy… in fact I like it better than candy

roasted garlic in my mashed potatoes, roasted garlic with chevre on bread, roasted garlic in chicken soup…

I could post all day about the wonderful things that happen when cooking with roasted garlic… and garlic

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There is no such thing as too much garlic.

My mother was an awful cook, and my stepfather a picky eater. I grew up on over- or undercooked, flavorless food.

I adore garlic, onions, all that lovely sulphuric food. Teeth can be brushed. Carpe garlicum!

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Yes. Always. Love garlic. I do have a question about it. Why does eating garlic sometimes give you bad breath but sometimes doesn’t?

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Yes, generous amounts.

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@BellaB I just tried the roasted garlic thing. It was pretty good! Probably would have been better if the garlic was fresh-bought, rather than sprouting in the bottom of my refrigerator for the last 3 weeks.

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There are two factors influencing how it affects your breath.

The first is how long it’s been cooked. Raw garlic is the worst.

Second is how much it has been crushed or chopped. Lydia Bastianich frequently uses whole cloves in her braised dishes. Or sometimes she will just slice it rather than chop or crush since both those methods release more of the chemical components contributing to bad breath.

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I use garlic powder almost daily. Sometimes I use dehydrated garlic slices. I never use it for breakfast but almost always at dinner. I love it.
Whether it’s ” a lot ” or not is subjective. Can’t answer that one.

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If the chef ever used garlic in any dish it’d be an immediate sacking offence, vile shite.

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Garlic is the king of spices and so much depends on how you use it in cooking and more so… when you add it to the dish. A skilled chef can add copious amounts of garlic and you will barely taste or smell its presence in the dish. Roasted whole cloves are amazing as a side dish or mashed into potatoes. Crushed and minced garlic is the most potent way to employ garlic into a dish and where it can get away from you and over power a dish. I grow my own garlic and NOTHING beats fresh out of the ground garlic! Yum!

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I love garlic. My wife and I use it all the time in various forms (including garlic salt, which is amazing). If you’re worried about garlic breath, I recommend apples, lemons/lemon juice, green tea, or milk. Any of those should take care of things.

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I was raised that garlic was something that came blended with salt, and was mainly an enhancement to pizza.

Today, if it’s not sweet and I cook it, more than likely there’s some form of garlic in it. Granulated garlic, most likely – regular or roasted. I also have chopped dehydrated garlic and fresh cloves. The only thing I will not touch today is garlic salt – I prefer to add quite a bit of garlic while I cook, but minimal salt. I have several kinds of salt you can add yourself, at table.

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Yep, lots of garlic. I usually double whatever the recipe calls for.

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Yes, I love garlic and onions and lots of spicy stuff.

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