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What negative affects will the U.K pulling out of the E.U have on North America?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19394points) June 24th, 2016

Fell free to add any positive affects as well.

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Negative, none

Buying opportunity in the Stock Market
Stronger dollar
Bringing immigration up front In the Presidential campaign
Getting rid of David Cameron

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Negative that I can think of it will screw up trade deals that have been made with the EU when the UK was still with them now that they are out they will have to be rewritten costing the tax payer more.

Another negative one is Ireland and Scotland wanted to stay in, they may want to separate from the UK now to do just that .

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It will be a mess for Wall Street, as London was the financial center for Europe.

A lot of agreements on reducing systemic risk in the global securities industry had to do with negotiations between the SEC and the FSA. Those agreements are now on hold, because the continental regulators have a different perspective from what the UK regulators held.

To the extent that recession in the UK cascades onto the world markets, that will be bad for us also. It is more of a direct impact with China, which will affect the U.S./Sino trade.

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Negative: Many of the ideas espoused by the populace are similar to those put forth by Trump voters (and to be fair, Sanders voters as well) and the success of the people in voting to withdraw from the EU could actually push the voting public in the US over the edge and give Trump a victory in the upcoming election thus dooming the US to two to three years of a Trump presidency.

i say two to three because the chances of actually having a complete four year term without some kind of catastrophic occurence is very slim.

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I have a feeling Trump wouldn’t last a year…

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Potentially a positive effect, if American voters can take a lesson from dismayed Brits who are saying, “I meant it as a protest vote. I never thought it would win.” The ballot box is not the place to kid around.

Meanwhile, as one of many negatives, my few little shreds of high-tech company stock left over from the ESPP that I had before I retired have taken a beating. I can’t put my trust in them now as an emergency fund. That’s distressing when you don’t have much in the way of reserves.

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