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Do you have siblings and if so, what is your relationship like with them?

Asked by jca (36043points) June 26th, 2016

Do you have any siblings?

If so, how many?

Are you close with them? What is the relationship like with each of them?

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I had a lovely day today spent with my two sisters. The last time we did this was April. So we see each other fairly regularly. They are two people in this world that I can rely on. I’m lucky.

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I have one older brother and one younger sister.

Since we left home, we have lived so far apart from each other, visiting was very rare, and there was little other communication other than yearly Christmas and Birthday cards. Our separation is not out of anger, but simply being lazy.

My brother is now passed away.

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I have a sister that is three years older. When she was fifteen we were sitting at a stoplight and she was fighting with my mom and jumped out of the truck and vanished.

Later we found out she went to live with our grandpa on his farm.

Funny thing is three years later I ended up doing the same. My mom was going off the rails and I had to call my sister for a greyhound ticket to get away from my mom. So I packed up my shit in a garbage bag and hopped on the bus and moved into my sister’s place 1200 miles away.

After that my sister kinda took over the role of my mom and 25 years later still does. She assumes I will fuck up and usually rents places that have a spare bedroom I can crash in. I have used that bedroom 5 or so times.

But I save her bacon a lot. She is always broke and I am not. So it balances out.

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My brother is 5 years older than me. I consider him to be one of my dearest, and closest friends. I feel very comfortable around him. He is much smarter than me and he is interested in a lot of things that I have no knowledge or interest in (like baseball) but he is also interested in most of the things that I like (movies, food, music, travel, art) and he can be very spontaneous, or adhere to a plan, he’s just super fun, and agreeable. He’s equally happy sitting on the couch next to me reading a book, or heading out on a camping trip or to a museum. He is my favorite traveling companion, one of the best people to enjoy a meal with (he likes everything and doesn’t complain, and he is kind to the wait staff). He’s super funny too.

One of the best things about him is that he “gets me.” We can be driving in the car together, and I’ll say something like, “You know that actress? You know, the one with the reddish hair that’s got eyes that are too far apart? You know, she was on that show with that guy, you know the one who was in that movie from the 70’s, but now he has gray hair.” He’ll say, “Yeah, I know who you mean. He’s either British or Scottish, and he was in this really funny movie with this other British actor, you know, he’s kind of portly and in this one very famous movie he had a mustache, but normally he doesn’t have a mustache.” And so it goes. No one else would have any idea of what we’re talking about.

My brother is very altruistic, to everyone. I always feel proud when I’m out and about and someone comes up to me and says how nice my brother is.

It saddens me to hear that a lot, if not most, people don’t like their siblings.

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I have a younger brother and a younger sister.

My brother and I talk and visit occasionally. I wouldn’t say we have a terribly close relationship, but we understand each other’s demons and we’re civil.

My sister took my mom’s side in the Great Upheaval of 2007, andi haven’t seen her but, maybe, 20 minutes total since then. She lives next door to my mother, which means I literally cannot visit her, since that would violate the restraining order. She resents the fact that I do not wish to reconcile with our mother, and on top of that dislikes the fact that I’m intelligent. She says the way I talk makes her feel stupid.

I stopped trying a long time ago.

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I have one sibling, a brother who is five years, one month, and one day younger than me. We were constantly at each other’s throats as children. After I moved out about 8 years ago we reconciled. I only see him 3–4 times a year now, and we are more like acquaintances than siblings.

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I am the oldest, I have a brother a year younger, and a half sister 18years younger, I get along with them ok, but we are all very different people.
They live about 45 minutes down the road and see them maybe 3 or 4 times a year.

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I have a four years older sister. Our relationship is weird; she conflicted with our parents a lot during her teenage years and I don’t think she ever fully made up with them, whereas I was and am really close with them. She shit talks our parents for things that seem kind of minor to me, which then makes me worry that if I make a small mistake I will piss her off. She’s just kind of impatient and I just don’t fully understand what exactly sets her off and I get into this weird cycle of nervousness that I’m going to piss her off, which I think she can sense and so becomes a self-fulling prophecy. Does any of this make sense at all? Our relationship confuses me a lot.

Don’t get me wrong. I love her. I don’t see her as much as I wish I did. She lives four hours away.

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I have just one older brother. He knows the most about me than anyone else in this world other than me. I see eye to eye with him more than any other family member, but we’re still not too close.

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I have an older sister, two years older than myself. We can argue a lot, but we’re extremely close. More so, I think, than any other siblings I’ve ever known. We had very hard childhoods and we’re how we each made it through. I honestly think we would have been lost without each other and sometimes I still feel that way.

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Nope, an only child here of only children and have an only child, a daughter. From what I have seen with most of my friends and others I have known, very few have good relationships with their siblings, if not down right animosity or estrangements. Usually due to the parents deaths and fighting over the way things were distriubuted in the will. I have seen 3 sisters go to war over a stupid clock. haha

I always thought, growing up as an only child, that a sibling would be someone you could always rely on and have in your life as an adult. It really doesn’t work out that way very often it seems. Between living far apart, personal dislikes, conflicts, it seems sibling relationships are, often, not really, ties that bind.

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I have 3 older brothers. My middle brother died last year. We were close and he was the type of person that everyone loved. He could make friends with all ages and all walks of life. I miss him. My youngest brother lives near me and we are very close. We see each other at least once a week and call each other all the time. He took care of me and watched out for me my entire life.
My oldest brother and I have drifted apart, but I still love him.

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I have a younger brother. Sad to say, we’ve been estranged for years.

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I have 3 sisters and 1 brother and you might imagine you are tight after all those years but nothing brings you closer than closing the final chapter of a parents life. I am here with my sisters clearing out our mom’s house…spread her ashes tonight and just leaning on each other every step of the way. We are tighter than a frogs ass.

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I have one younger brother. We fight a lot but we are also very close. We share some common interest, especially video games, something I can hardly find someone to share with. We love cooperating in video games and other aspects of life.

There are two things I dislike about him. First, he’s such a mama boy. To him mom is always the best. He just can’t put things in perspective. Sometimes I’m annoyed by his unfair comparision between dad and mom. And second, he is too childish for his age. He can’t do more than looking at something and immediately coming to his limited conclusions. He doesn’t know when to just keep silent either. The two trails are why we get into fights. But hilariously, we made up just as fast as we broke out into quarrel. At least he make me feel young.

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I have two older sisters. I never call them. They only call me when they want something or to tell me that someone died. I never call them because if I do, then I’ll have to listen to all of their problems for at least 2 hours. I can never get a word in edgewise. That’s the was it has always been even when we were small kids. It’s always very depressing to talk to them.

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I am the third of eight. Boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. I am still on speaking terms with my older brother, and (tentatively) my older sister. The third sister lives here in town, but we fight like cats and dogs.
I were to never speak to the younger five for the rest of my life, it would be just too sweet!

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I’m an only child.

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I grew up with two younger sisters, and I now have a third. I’m extremely close to both of the sisters I grew up with. I know I can always rely on them to be there for me, and I hope they feel the same way. We joke around with each other a lot. They’re two of my favorite people in the world, for sure.

The little one is just a baby. I don’t really have connection to her yet, but I’m curious to see what she’ll grow up to be like.

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@longgone Is the baby sister a full sister or a half sister? I have another half sister but never lived with her and don’t feel at all close to her. She is my dad’s daughter from his second marriage. We always lived with my mum after they split up.

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^ Yeah, that sounds exactly like my situation. Not sure whether I’ll ever feel as close to her – we’ll see, I guess!

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I have one sister. I’m not particularly close with her, and I’m not particularly fond of her.

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I have five brothers and two sisters. Each was born in a different city.

My father had two brothers and three sisters. We visited occasionally but I noticed that none of them ever mentioned their parents. I met my grandfather once and I can see why they wanted to forget him. I never learned what my g’mother was like or how she died or anything at all about her.

My mother had brothers and sisters, but I didn’t figure that out until I was over 50. Her mother died in the flu epidemic and her father broke up the family.

At my mother’s 90th birthday party she mentioned that she hoped to live two more years so she could be the oldest in both families. That was my first hint that every body else in both families was dead.

All told, it was like growing up in a bus station: plenty of familiar faces and everybody was polite, but nobody cared much about each other.

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