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How to get scuff marks off a wooden floor?

Asked by janbb (57229points) June 28th, 2016

They’re black and either from shoes or the vacuum cleaner. An abrasive takes off the finish on the floor. Any ideas?

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Try the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

If your floor has a high shine, and easily scratches it might mar the floor. I’m not sure.

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Mr Clean erasers are abrasive and will damage the finish.

Scuff off the marks with a white-soled shoe. Sneakers work well.

Seriously, it’s what my husband does, and he’s a professional.

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Just a regular school eraser works too. Don’t rub too hard. If you can get one of those artists soft erasers, they are the most gentle and best. They are called putty rubber or kneaded eraser.

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A friend just found a suggestion of baking soda diluted in water so I may try that first.

@Seek Just looked and gave away all my white-soled sneakers.

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You will scratch the finish with baking soda, @janbb.
Go buy a Latex Free Eraser without any abrasive.

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Remember to vacuum up any leftovers from the cleaning, otherwise the removed marks will just be put back on the floor.

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Lemon oil or denatured alcohol, both should be benign enough to weaken the hold of the material scuffing the floor without damaging the finish.

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@janbb Try the tennis ball trick. That works on some scuffs.

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You cut an X in the tennis ball and push a large dowel (like a mop stick) in it and rub the scuff hard whole holding the mop stick and pushing down.

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I used to just rub them off with my hands when I was crawling around as a kid. You could try that, and hopefully it won’t damage the finish.

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@dxs These are fairly well entrenched.

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Also possible: WD 40, Mineral Spirits and super-fine steel wool.

Pick your poison.

Given the list in the link and the suggestions above, I would try @Hypocrisy_Central‘s lemon oil first, if I had it available.

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Like @ibstubro said, a little WD-40 or Goo Gone and a rag should do the trick.

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I know this may sound a bit odd but if you don’t have any lemon oil around, try peanut butter. It’s working on the same principle, namely that oil will dissolve the scuff without damaging the finish,

It works wonders on getting gum out of a kids hair. Same principle.

But I think lemon oil is best if you have it.

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I combined a few ideas and got the winning solution. A paste made with baking soda and water to remove the scuffs and then lemon oil to restore the shine. Thanks all!

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