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How do I enter my topics?

Asked by fyvon (44points) June 28th, 2016

What do I click to get me the box to enter my topics in? I got the message:“Add topics to your profile, and we’ll be able to give you interesting questions”

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See the red boxes below your question? That’s the topics. Click on them and choose “add”, there you have your topcs.

You can also choose from the list of “Popular Topic” at the homepage.

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In a previous identity, I liked to collect odd topics. There used to be some very funny ones.

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You can hover over any “topics” box that catches your fancy, and the “add topic” button will appear. Just click it.

Are you accessing Fluther through standard or mobile app?

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@Mimishu1995 When I hover over one of the tags in this OP, I see “Add Topics” 197 questions and 5 people” and if it turns into “Remove” and that’s it. It doesn’t give me a space to enter my topics
@ibstubro if you mean for example, over the “fluther” and “topics” in this OP ? If so what I answered @Mimishu1995.

Re. “Are you accessing Fluther through standard or mobile app?” No app at all.

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Oh oh @Mimishu1995 and @ibstubro My OP’s title part should have been “How do I enter my topics in my profile page?

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You can’t just type in topics, @fyvon. You have to add existing topics.
Start by making selections from the “Popular Topics” box in the bottom right column on most pages, and by adding the topics that interest you on the questions you open.

Following members that ask/answer questions you like will get you “Questions for you” about as quickly as adding topics, in my opinion.

—Where are you accessing from? A mobile device or desk/lap top?

Participate, participate, participate! lol
Ask, answer, GA, GQ and follow…participation is more important than anything.

Where are you accessing Fluther from, @fyvon? A mobile device (phone) or desk/lap top?

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Yeah, thanks @ibstubro for classify that. If you want a new topic, you can start by adding it in your future question and follow my steps.

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Yes, when you ask a question, you can type in any topics you like.
To my knowledge, that does not add them to the future questions auto-fill list. And it would not be on the Popular Topics list if you were the only user.

Add some topics from your “Popular Topics” list, then go to your profile page and they will be listed there.

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This is too complicated for me.
I answered a question about food,
which contains the tag “Food”, and still the word food didn’t get on in my list of topis in my profile page. I just asked a question about food and with lots of tags.
But the list of topics in my profile shows only “Fluther” as it did before.

I want to read the questions and answers about a given topic before asking a specifIc question with enough details.

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@fyvon Welcome to Fluther. In the upper right hand corner of this screen, there is a search box. You can use that to look for topics you’re interested in. If you search for food, the very first link says “”. This is the topic page. It lists questions associated with food, and users following that topic. You can also follow it there.Hope that helped?

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@longgone Yes it was helpful. By the way I also clicked on food in Popular Topics, and I got all the food questions. You responded to the last paragraph part. Thank you. Please let me know about the rest of my post.

Also the Activity For You is out of order. my Questions for You is still the same (1) I don’t know if anyone PMed me.

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Okay, great. Now, about how to add topics to your profile…Scroll to the top of this page. Do you see the topic “topics”? It’s right below your details. Hover over it, and you should see a button saying “Add Topic”. That’s the one you need to click. If you then go back to your profile, you should see the topic “topics” next to the “Fluther” one. You can do the same with any topics you see, all over the site.

We can probably help with the Activity. Have you followed any questions yet? “Questions for You” won’t work until you have topics added to your profile. I’ll PM you now, to see whether that works.

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And which version of Fluther are you using? If you are using the mobile version you can’t see your topics. Try switching to the desktop version.

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Less think, more do, @fyvon.
Answer and ask, the details will come to you as you go?

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@longgone Thanks I’m still working on it. I see _Computeri Into is added but I don’t see Food. But I’m still working on it. When I hover on topics as you suggested and before (see my 1st response to @Mimishu1995 “Add Topics” 197 questions and 5 people” and if it turns into “Remove” and that’s it. I should have added when I click on it takes me to OPs with the word “topic”, for the most part. I see I’m not the only one to ask this question. I’M on my way to reading them.

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@fyvon I may be misunderstanding your post, so correct me if I’ wrong. I think you’re saying,

- I hover over the topic “Food”

- “Add Topic” appears

- I click that

- “Add Topic” turns into “Remove Topic”

That looks perfect. Once “Remove Topic” appears, that means you’ve added the topic.

Hover over “Food” again, please. Don’t click anything – just hover. What does it say?

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@longgone Let me just add that my queston should have been ” my Profile page” not under my questons. Many people have a ton of tags/topics for their questions. They are not all ending up in their profile page as topics of interest

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@longgone ..right? (something interrupted me during my last post )
When I hover on food for example, it gives me “Add Topic” 4 409 questions 449 people” and if I click on it it gives me the page that lists all the Fluther questions about food, or with the word “food”. .....The word “food” is in my profile page now, however it happened.

Thanks longgone. Please ignore my “They are not all ending up in their profile page as topics of interest.” in my last post.

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Then it looks like you haven’t added it yet, or maybe you added it and then removed it again by mistake. Try clicking on “Add Topic”, not the topic itself.

You’re right about not all topics people tag their questions with also being on their profile page. That’s okay. For example, I may ask a question about geography, and use the topic “Geography”. That doesn’t mean I want all questions about geography sent to me, so I don’t want it on my profile page.

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@longgone “food” is there now though. But I’m one of those people who can do with simple just fine. go to profile page enter in the box the topics.

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That’s great! I’m happy to hear you got things sorted out.

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