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What would you bring?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) July 30th, 2008

You’re going away for 2 weeks, you only have an iBook G4 (900mhz, 30GB HD, 256MB RAM), running Tiger…..what would you load it with?

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Classic Hitchcock movies. Simply because you would probably watch contemporary movies if you were not on holiday, and would never get the chance to watch (or rewatch..or re-rewatch) Hitchcock’s masterpieces. If you load your laptop with only those, you’ll be forced to watch them.

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If it’s gonna be a boring trip…...
Good music, a few movies, and a couple of videogames.

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I agree with Keso2. Good movies & music, as well as games, but I would also have audio books on it because I love a good book.

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I’d bring a lot of good podcasts as well. Maybe some classic books, audio and txt

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For me it depends on whether I was going to work during the trip or not.

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I like the idea of movies! Defo need some music too…

@Marina: no work!

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Hurray. Games, then?

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I love to binge on TV series DVDs. I have watched the entire series of Buffy and Firefly multiple times. Or find a new TV series that interests you and take 2–3 seasons; watch them back to back.

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Lots of music, and a copy of splinter cell, and as many episodes of the simpsons as possible :)

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I second the movies and TV series idea. And an ebook.

Edit: oooh and if you have been wanting to learn a new language…some audio books? :D that’s what I would do anyway, since I always want to learn a new language or brush up on the ones I don’t use as often.

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Music, vids, ebooks and a copy of Bejeweled 2.

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@wf Aren’t you going to be too busy visiting and reminiscing for all of this?

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@tiny: it’s pretty easy to get bored in a place where the entire country’s population is less than 50K… of the reasons I left in the first place;) Trust me, I will have downtime!

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I’d load it up with Photoshop!!! And as many music files as I could stand. And a BGAN so I can Fluther.

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I agree with Keso2>>good music,movies, and MAYBE some video games would be great for a long trip

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