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Do you have fond memories of the Dick Van Dyke Show to share upon the loss of cast member Ann Morgan Guilbert, aka "Millie Helper"?

Asked by ibstubro (18730points) June 29th, 2016

Millie was the perfect foil to Laura Petrie, with her tendency to whine and waffle.
Millie always seemed to have everything all figured out – even when she didn’t have a clue. Jerry and Rob didn’t have a chance once Millie got Laura fired up and somebody had to do something!

Even better that Ann Morgan Guilbert appears to have been a perfectly pleasant woman in real life, and went on to have a successful run on TV’s “The Nanny” in the 90’s.

I don’t thing Ann would mind if I say, “Bye, Millie, and RIP. You brought us a lot of fun.”

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Ohhhhhh, Rrrroooooobbbbbb. I loved the Dick Van Dyke Show. Every character was a perfect counterweight to the other.

I haven’t seen an episode in years, so I’ll be lacking in any details. Consistently, some of my favorites involved the musings of the writing team in Rob’s office. Often, their creativity seemed unscripted (to my young eyes/ears). I do recall an episode where the Petries had the interior of the house painted, and the painter “wouldn’t leave.” It was funny and poignant and perfect.

RIP, Millie!

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Oh, RIP Millie! Now I will have to go watch a couple old DVD shows on youtube. Yes, Loved that show, 60’s TV was the bomb.

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Obviously (I think) I loved “The Dick Van Dick Show”, too. Still do. It was the sitcom bridge between the sappy moralizing of the Beaver (yeah, I liked “Leave it to Beaver”, too, but less and for different reasons) and the TMI realism of “All in the Family”.

Millie added the intensity lacking in the other “home” characters. Wasn’t there a great dream sequence she was part of?
Millie and Jerry were great neighbors! Easy going and loyal. I was a country mouse and I relished the idea that there was a land where beautiful families (ours was not) lived in modestly beautiful houses (ours was not), lived in harmony (we did not) with lovely neighbors (we had none).

It was decades after-the-fact before someone pointed out to me how annoying “Ohhhhhh, Rrrroooooobbbbbb” could be, @picante. WAY too late to make me love the show less.
Enjoy your peek into a simpler (if non-existent) time, @Coloma!

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Very good memories. It’s one of those shows I watched with my mom.

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I think I only saw it in re-run, @JLeslie.
For some reason it was always magical for me. I think I have to put The Dick Van Dyke Show at the top of my TV list.

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I liked other shows more, but I still have great fondness for it.

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What shows did you like more?
I think the fact that I only saw it in re-run made me love it all the more. I usually get burned out on a show after a couple/few seasons.

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I liked Mary Tyler Moore, Leave it to Beaver, and The Brady Bunch. Then later I thought Soap, MASH, and The Odd Couple, were fantastic.

I think it partly has to do with my age at the time. I was born in ‘68.

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A TV landmark—I loved the show. Two of my favorite characters were the acerbic Sally and wisecracking Buddy because I knew Sallys and Buddys in my ad days. They were obviously written by TV writers—in fact, the entire Alan Brady Show workplace was far more factual than fictional.

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You’re all over the place, @JLeslie! MASH ended in 1983, LITBeaver in ‘63.
You clearly have not watched enough episodes of “The Dick Van Dyke Show”! ~ ~

And I think the viewers could sense that authenticity, @Pachy.
Rob and Laura’s marriage was as authentic as the writers could make it at the time, too, I believe.
The Alan Brady Show was ”The Larry Sanders Show” of it’s day.

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I’ve probably watched every episode of The Dick Van Dyke show. I was a kid when I watched it obviously. Maybe if I watched it more now I would view it differently. I liked the show, I just enjoyed others more as a kid.

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I think The Dick Van Dyke show would take on new meaning for you, @JLeslie.
Like the old cartoons that were shown in theaters, there are layers that you can either ignore or glory in.

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@ibstubro I agree. After binge-watching TDVDS a year or so ago, I appreciated it much more.

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You really have to pay attention to get some of the subtlety, IMO, @Pied_Pfeffer.
You can certainly watch once for the sheer pleasure and watch again for the clever sub-texts.

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@ibstubro I gave you a GA. I believe you that I probably missed some nuance when I was younger.

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Yetta : (

I loved The Dick Van Dyke Show, but for me, as you have all probably guessed, Ann Guilbert will always be Yetta from The Nanny for me.

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I think it said Ms. Guilbert appeared in 54 episodes of The Nanny.
Happily, I’ve never seen an episode of The Nanny.

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