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What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) June 30th, 2016

This morning I’m having porridge with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and honey. Also a cup of coffee.

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I do not eat breakfast.

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The career prospects of an errant butler

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Just black coffee.

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It varies. Generally speaking, I’m not very fond of sweet in the morning. Sweet includes fruit, I’m not just referring to pancakes and waffles.

The most common foods I eat for breakfast are white omelet, cold cereal, or a breakfast sandwich. During cold weather I eat hot cereal like Wheatina or oatmeal now and then.

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A scramble, eggs scrambled with veggies and ham or Canadian bacon, and a whole wheat tortilla. And coffee with unsweetened almond milk.

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Yogurt and coffee, sometimes an egg sandwich on weekends.

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Peanut butter toast.

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Ice coffee with milk. Very light.

Egg whites with ham/sausage/bacon and cheese.

I used to eat oat-type cereals, but not on my current diet now.

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Your own breakfast sounds delicious, @NerdyKeith.

Me, Version 1: a small glass of juice, a slice of whole wheat toast, and a slice of soycheeze

Me, Version 2: same juice, same toast, and a glass of soymilk

I keep it very simply and under 300 calories.

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Coffee and a fig bar. Occasionally cereal.

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It’s probably terrible but I have a bowl of cold cereal with blueberries and a sliced banana. Then a cup of Starbucks instant coffee, Italian roast decaf, which is fantastic. Then I start on my vitamin regimen. lol I hope 10K iu’s of vitamin D3 doesn’t kill me.

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Lunch. If I’m lucky.

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The remnants of my ex-partners career here at work.

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I don’ eat breakfast. 3 cups of coffee is what I have.

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An egg on toast or a protein shake usually. Depends on how much time I have.

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I don’t really eat breakfast. I drink coffee and then water and then, usually around 10–11 a.m. I have some fruit and yogurt,a bagel with PB or cream cheese and sometimes I just jump right into lunch food.

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Usually, greek yogurt with the berries or fruit of my choice. Today, it was blueberries.

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Coffee and a granola bar, eaten in my car while driving to work.

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Diet Dr. Pepper.
Leftovers if there are any. Cold.

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Medjool dates from Trader Joe’s.

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@Aster Get tested. Don’t guess about the D. You need a D test and test your calcium. Too much D can cause high calcium, which is very bad for your health. I need 10k of D a day, but for some people it’s too much. High calcium is a fairly silent killer.

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Most days, one or two eggs (hardboiled, scrambled or poached), buttered, toasted English muffin or rye slice, sometimes two slices veggie bacon, sometimes a bowl of oatmeal and fruit if i have it around. All downed by a mug of coffee.

Every one in a while, usually on a Sunday, I get the taste for what my dad called his “deli breakfast” consisting of one or two toasted bagels with lox and cream cheese and a thin slice each of Muenster cheese and onion, sometimes with creamed herring on the side. That’s quite a thirst-producing meal, so I usually have OJ with it.

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^^^^^^^ Veggie bacon? What in the world does that taste like? Not pork, I’ll bet. What color is it?

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^^^ LOL
It looks like a cartoon version of bacon.
Taste is relative. If you eat real bacon and veggie bacon side-by-side it’s like taste testing brown sugar with Saccharin. If you’ve not sampled bacon in 10 years, veggie bacon tastes exactly like the real thing!

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@Aster, it’s surprisingly good, although to be honest, I may just be used to it, You keep it frozen, then crisp it up for one minute in the micro. Try it. I buy mine at Target or any supermarket.

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I tend to just drink water for a couple of hours after I get up in the summer. Then have lunch.

Once the weather cools off I like to have some kind of carb with an egg or other protein for breakfast – with multiple cups of tea.

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The veggie sausage is another story.
It is exactly like pork sausage. I have fed to to many a carnivore that believed it to be seasoned dead pig!

Sorry, @BellaB, I didn’t mean to spill your cuppa.

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Funny, I don’t like veggie sausage at all. To me, the taste and consistency are way off.

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Snausage patties? @Pachy

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A glass of orange juice, porridge and milk and a banana followed by a mug of green tea. It rarely varies.

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I don’t really like to eat when I wake up but I take some pills that need to be taken with food every morning. So I make a cup of tea and have a english muffin swimming in butter each morning while I down the pills.

Then I get drunk and eat pizza.

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@flutherother Pease porridge hot or pease porridge cold, or pease porridge in the pot, 9 days old? lol

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@ibstubro—not even snausage patties. ;-)

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Typically either cereal or oatmeal; I’m never very hungry in the morning, so I’ve never been one of those people who can eat huge plates of eggs and sausage and hash browns right after getting up.

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It’s a protein concoction. Ingredients:12 oz of non fat milk, 50 grams whey protein, 2 cups of whole grain cereal (various types), fresh fruit (usually a banana) and a small amount of dried fruit. Also two small cups of green tea.

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@Coloma I make it fresh every morning.

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I love porridge. I should eat it more.

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There is no usual breakfast for me. It’s just another meal with the same options as the other meals.

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Coffee and around 11, store brand vanilla Greek yogurt to which I add chopped/ground walnuts and either blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or raspberries.

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Bohemian Breakfast, AKA Rod Serling Breakfast:

Coffee and cigarettes.

@ragingloli :

You eat breakfast, everyone does. The day’s first meal is breakfast, regardless of when it is eaten.

The souls of the innocent you consume are breakfast, even if you have them at 14:00.

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Sometimes I eat breakfast, at other times I eat brunch. Usually the meal will consist of cooked oatmeal, two organic eggs, any available fruits (mostly tropical fruits) and/or conventional fruit juice. It will be the same for most day. Ocassionally, during and after weekends I eat cold pizza from yesterday’s leftover (and I can swear they taste better when cold/refrigerated).

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since today’s Canada Day I went all out – poached egg on Serbian bread with smoked salmon cream cheese and a squidge of lemon. Then two big mugs of vanilla tea. Set me up well for the neighbourhood parade, walking the dog and visiting with neighbours.

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^^^ “smoked salmon cream cheese”

Had it been made from Nova lox? I mean, this being Canada Day…

I hope you had a nice holiday!

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Thank you @Love_my_doggie

It was a terrific day. You can get all different qualities of smoked salmon cream cheese – from the kind made with lox (served at my favourite dairy deli) to the Philadelphia cream cheese version – which I used. The only thing missing to make the breakfast perfect was some capers.

Nova lox… now I’ve got an ear worm ... funnily enough performed by a band that played at our neighbourhood’s Canada Day party last year

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this song is also the source of one of my best mondegreens… I’ll sleep in your overcoat

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