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Have you ever eaten a "Tim Tam"?

Asked by ibstubro (18644points) June 30th, 2016

I have a vague notion that they produce ecstasy in England.

Walmart had them clearanced here in the Midwestern US for 62¢ a pack, and I bought 2. In anticipation of Brexit?

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They are an Australian version of Jaffa Cakes, I think. We do swoon for Jaffa Cakes here in the UK. Do Australians go crazy for Tim Tams?

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Looked up ” Tim Tam ”, never heard of it but it looks yummy. Anything chocolate can’t be bad.

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I’ve eaten millions not really but a lot of the Keebler Deluxe Chocolate Graham crackers….seem similar enough.

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I should have googled them too. They are nothing like a jaffa cake. What was I thinking of? They are similar to a Penguin biscuit. They do sound nice. Two chocolate biscuits layered with chocolate cream filling and covered in a chocolate coating. I don’t think I could ask for any more chocolate in my teatime snack.

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I swear I remember someone swooning over TimTams here on Fluther!

I finally looked them up, too, and it seems they are an Australian tradition now owned by the Campbell Soup Company.
(what an abomination, mate?)

Tim Tams are delicious! I wish I’d bought more than 2 packs – when I went back the next day they were wiped out!

Penguin biscuits? Does @janbb know about this??

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Yes. Looks like I just achieved expert status.

They’re good, but I don’t share in the ecstasy.

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Whenever people visit from Australia they bring them as if they’re some exotic wonder treat. They are good enough cookies (too sweet for me really) but we can get them here and well, not as exciting as our Australian friends think. Some friends have great fun using them as drinking straws for hot drinks – which is definitely entertaining.

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“drinking straws for hot drinks”? @BellaB?

I only have one packet left if this is something I have to try.

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It’s called a Tim Tam Slam

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Well, I certainly want to attain honorary Australian status!
unfortunately, it’s 90° here
Can’t you burn your lips off with this trick, @BellaB?

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I suppose if you started with boiling coffee/tea/cocoa/Milo, you could burn yourself. I tend to let my beverages cool a bit before trying to drink them, Tim Tam Slam or straight up.

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I think we could replicate this nicely in the States if only the filling in chocolate covered Oreos weren’t impervious to the elements.

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@ibstubro I have eaten many a Penguin biscuit in my day. (Should I have labeled that NSFW?)

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Yes. They are excellent. One of my favorite cookies :)

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I’ve never had proper Tim Tams, but I’ve done the slam with many a McVitie’s Penguin.

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Don’t tell my wife about the Walmart blowout. She loves them. Each time we visit Australia she brings back about a dozen packages. Gives most of them away. Don’t get why some people flip out over them. To me they are just OK and nothing special at all.

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HOLYSHITFIRE they are at my WalMart. Not on clearance, but the’re here.

Welp, there goes my diet for the week.

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Yes, I can get them here at World Market, and there’s only one way I like to eat them, which is the appropriate way according to almost all Australians. You nibble off the corner, make yourself a cup of black tea, quickly suck some tea up through the corner of the Tim Tam and, very quickly so it doesn’t fall apart, shove the entire thing in your mouth. Without the tea, they’re alright. With the tea, they are completely delicious.

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Do you do a little dance with your biscuit, @janbb? (I don’t know about NSFW, but to me penguin biscuit sounds like something best covered with dirt by your little webbed foot.)

Where you you get TimTams, @DominicY?

Ha, ha, ha @Seek! Buy them up – they closed out a section of the cookie aisle here – international, it looked like. Either you’ll buy enough to keep Tim Tams on the shelf, or you’ll fill up before they Ausxit.
They didn’t clearance the Scottish butter cookies, though, dammit!

They closed them our here, @gondwanalon, but if @Seek is any indication you might still be able to buy them at Walmart. Check it. You’ll have a source for the perfect present for Mrs. G! (at least until she finds them at Wally’s)

Yup. We talked a bit about the Tim Tam Slam above, @DrasticDreamer. Seems @Seek does it with a McVitie’s Penguin. No word on whether @janbb slams her Penguin biscuits or not. A packet probably last you a good long time if that’s the only way you enjoy them, @DD.

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@ibstubro Oh, sorry! Didn’t see that. I don’t dislike them without the tea, but they’re definitely amazing with it. Tim Tam Slams are always more fun with other people, so sometimes the package disappears really fast. lol

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I love them.

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I like the one with mint. Tim Tam is an alternative to Oreo. One problem I have with Tim Tam is that my fingers will always glazed with melted chocolate and get sticky when ever I attempt to eat one.

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My package disappeared really fast, @DrasticDreamer, and I was just sitting at the computer when I opened it. I was worried about saving one for the Slam.

Where do you get them, @Hawaii_Jake?

Too slow, @Unofficial_Member. You’re eating them too slowly. :-)

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@ibstubro I can eat it with spoon, but then again, I don’t feel like to commit food taboo. Well, if your lips get messy eating a Tim Tam you can always tell me, I can lick them up for you… I promise it’ll be slow… and sticky ;jk!

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Acquired four packets of TimTams today, at full market price, which is far lower than the price-per-ounce of McVitie’s Penguin.

Taught my kid the Slam.

I’m going to be so fat.

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You go, @Seek.
Wish I was there.
I hope hubby knows the Slam, too, or you attempt to teach him?

What, if I may ask, was “Full market price” for Tim Tams, @Seek?

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$3 a packet. Comparable to Keebler and company.

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I guess Tim Tams were value priced here, to begin with, @Seek. Sorry I missed that.

I do not like Keebler products.

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