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What do you do when you're home sick?

Asked by Haleth (19538points) June 30th, 2016

I have an awful summer cold that happened to fall during my annual vacation. I had to use up my vacation time kind of at the last minute, so there was no time to really plan anything special. My original plan was to road trip around New England by myself for a few days while staying in AirBNBs, and spend the days hiking and painting.

That’s gone out the window now, and I’m going stir-crazy here at home. It turns out that I’m one of those people who needs an activity or a social plan all the time. I never noticed before because I was always working really long hours and cramming the rest of my life into the times around it. The other day I tried to go out and had an overwhelming wave of fatigue and fever chills and went back home and slept all afternoon.

I guess I’m asking less how to fill up the time, and more, how do you handle a lower level of activity? Or a slower pace of life? I know people who do less stuff who are really happy. What’s their secret?

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Your sick body is trying to tell you, likely among other things, to slow down. When I’m sick at home, I sleep as much as possible.

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Try learning an instrument. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences in life. It will likely take time, but you said you had time so…. Playing an instrument can be one of the best stress relief tools you will ever know. You just have to immerse yourself in it. Find a style of music that you love, and attempt to learn to play one or more of the instruments involved. I promise you will gain a new appreciation of an old favorite. If you already know an instrument, try getting back into it, or learning one you have a more current desire to learn.
The ‘pill bottle ’ style of slide guitar originated from a guy who couldn’t leave his house because of his sickness. He used an empty pill bottle to infuse something new to the blues. He wouldn’t have had the time on his hands, or the pill bottle, if not for his ailment…
Either way. Good luck. Peace n love.

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I usually will read when I am sick. Hope you feel better soon.

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Hot, healthy, easily digestible food. I stay in bed all day, usually watching a comfort movie (one that I love, that I am familiar enough with not to need to pay a lot of attention to).

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With a cold I spend a few days doing not much at all. Sleep, relax. After that I’ll take a drug for midday and get some stuff done. By day three I feel like I’m not contagious anymore and I have protected society as well as can be expected.

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If I’m sick – and infectious/contagious – I stay home. If I feel well enough, I try to sit outside and get fresh air. Most of all – especially if I have a straight-out cold – I sleep. When I’m really sick, tv is usually too much to manage, and reading books can be iffy. I usually keep a couple of travel magazines around for times like that. I can just look at the photos and I won’t miss anything if I fall asleep after a few pages.

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Read a book. Even if you have read them all, find one you liked and re read it. Makes the day go by, gets your mind off being sick, and might make you smile.

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Sleep, read, watch films at whatever level I can handle in my current state, dream, play computer games, design games, browse internet, pet a cat…

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Fluther, read, watch movies, lie in bed. Catch up with e-mail.

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Normally, I feel terribly guilty doing nothing. It’s self-inflicted I know, but I’m forever running to-do lists through my head and keep moving at all times.

I allow myself two “outs”.

When I’m tired I go to bed. I do not keep pushing myself past exhaustion.

When I’m sick, I do nothing but stay in bed, watch tv, listen to music and sleep.

Gotta listen to your body.

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I mope, wallow in self pity, drag around grumpily, watch soaps (for about six minutes, all those well-dressed perky people piss me off.) Then I spend too much time goofing on the Internet (I learned on YouTube how to recane a chair. Knowledge I will never use) then I read and snooze until bed. Amazingly, I usually feel much better the next day.
Give it a try!

And I hope you feel better, summer colds are just nasty!

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@canidmajor I’ve heard of recanting one’s faith but just how does one “recant a chair”? “I don’t believe in you anymore, you seat, you?”

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Oooh, you’re quick! I edited that pretty fast!

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I kind of liked the concept. :-)

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Watch TV, read, Facebook, Fluther, sleep, talk on the phone, text.

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