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Do you like jellyfish?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) July 30th, 2008 from iPhone

I personally hate jellyfish, no offense to Fluther. Just wondering if the other Flutherers like then.


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I don’t like them if they sting me. But jelly fish are pretty awesome, I have to admit.

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only on a sandwich with peanut butter :-D

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Check out this thread for some answers.
Personally…I suppose I am indifferent.

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I feel the same way as as I did less than one day ago when this was asked. See lefteh’s link.

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I’m not typing that story again!

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@wildflower: Ah c’mon!!! Why not?!!

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Read and chuckle for yourself in the other thread.

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Do i like the taste of jellyfish? No not really

Do i think jellyfish are awesome animals? Yes! Theyre amazing. How do you not like creatures that look this amazing?

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What’s to like?

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I think they’re incredible. I got to see them at the aquarium in NY. It was absolutely mindblowing to see them moving around and pretty much glowing.

And then I went to the beach and got stung.

No hard feelings. Can you have hard feelings in a smooshy jellyfish?

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Sorry for reasking but thanks anyway. I gotta start using the search feature.

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