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How many pair of pants or shorts would I need?

Asked by janbb (58614points) June 30th, 2016

I keep sticking my hands into the back pockets of pants or shorts that I haven’t worn in a bit and pulling out dollar bills. (I put cash in my pockets for the bakery when taking a walk.) If we say that the average “haul” is $4 at a time, how many pairs of pants would I need before I make a million dollars?

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Infinite pairs since you have technically already earned the money.

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1,000,000 / 4 = 250,000 pairs of pants/shorts. I couldn’t resist the math.

Penguins don’t wear pants anyway.

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@dxs Would you believe shorts then?

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Love me some penguin pockets – especially with dollar bills in them!

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you’re missing out by not checking your winter coats

my general haul with those is $10 or $20 – with an occasional roll of poop bags

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@BellaB I was finding poop bags in my coats for months after i lost my dog.

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Ny usual unusual stash used to be my suit jacket. Before I got married, I always kept a few things at my parents’ house. One of these was a blazer and a brown turtleneck sweater. After all, it was the seventies!
I kept it there so I would have something appropriate to wear if I came home for the occasional wedding or funeral. I would always find a $20 bill or two in the pocket. The first time that happened I remembered putting the money in that pocket and wearing the jacket for my sister’s wedding. I truly forgot about it until I came home for the next event and discovered the cash. After that, my mother got into the habit of stashing cash in that pocket when I was not home. She would never admit to it until a few years after I got married.

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