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What country has the lowest cost of living coupled with relitivly good security?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) July 30th, 2008

My mothers boyfriend wants to sell his 1.5 million Euro’s worth of apartments in Florence, Italy. And they want to be able to go somewhere and live off of the money in relative comfort.

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Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary…...Nice climate, EU member states and low cost of living. Worth considering.

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Well, if it was me there would be a lot of other factors involved in the choice than you have mentioned. Climate would be a big one. What do they like to do? Will they want to be around people with similar backgrounds?

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coffee bars and beaches. they wouldn’t mind serving coffee all day long. Croatia is beautiful, just got back from there. but its not as cheap as you think. Anyone been to Nicaragua?

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Costa Rica is a popular one.

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maybe the Carribean? Bermunda is tropical and a popular place for retirees. I would also sugesst middle eastern countries like UAE and Qatar (no tax and cheap feul along with stunning beaches) however with the conflict in Iraq and Isarael, safety can become a luxury that few can obtain.

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Here’s a website for people considering living in other countries. It gives country by country information on cost of living, lifestyle, taxes, real estate, health care, visas, and lots more.

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