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Can you be healthy, but not be fit?

Asked by sanbuu (94points) July 30th, 2008 from iPhone
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fitness is variable. Fit means able to do the things required on your life. For one person that might be running or playing sport for someone else it might mean being able to walk to the shops for a carton of milk.

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this is just a semantic question. if you open a thesaurus, they’re both under the same entries.

Maybe you could give us some background to what you’re getting at?

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well I for one can say…I am healthy in appearance. I weight about 155lbs, 5’10” and am tone when it comes to muscle. I however don’t feel fit. I get winded easily from walking up and down stairs with items to carry. If lifting, I have to sometimes stop to catch my breath if I want to talk smoothly. I use to run track in high school, very fast, I wrestled in school too…but now, I only have the tone and appearance of being healthy, when in fact, I feel very un-fit. Hope that helped shrugs

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healthy is usually defined as :
you do not suffer from an illness or disease in your body or mind.
so yes, you can be! As fitness is more along the lines of can you lift a certain amount, run a certain time etc.

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I am a firefighter and a soldier, have a resting heart rate around 60bpm, and a blood pressure of 120/78 or below. I also am 5’11” and weigh 270lbs. Not fit, but I do feel healthy.

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I am healthy… I have no diseases, and normal blood pressure and cholesterol and all those other things they test; but I am NOT fit… I am significantly overweight.

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A friend of mine is a personal trainer. He once told me, “You can look healthy without being healthy. But you can’t be healthy without looking healthy.” I don’t know if that’s relevant here.

He probably made it up.

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I am 110 lbs., I was healthy, no diseases, no problems, last check up, great health.

But, at one time I wasn’t one bit fit. I noticed one day, coming back from walking to my mailbox and back. I was huffing and puffing a bit. I realized, I had no lung power! I was thin, but didn’t have much muscle tone. I’ve changed that since, realizing that about myself.
Yes you can be healthy but not fit. It was determined that an overweight person who is active, will out live a person that is thin and not active. I seen this either on 60 minutes or 20/20, I can’t recall.
So the answer to your question is YES. Yes, you can be healthy, but not fit.

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