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Has anyone had a positive experience with one of those alert services for the elderly?

Asked by marinelife (62435points) July 30th, 2008

I did some research on LifeAlert and was horrified by the terrible stories. I am looking for one for my mother. She is in the Seattle area. Anyone know of any that are actually good?

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My grandmother has one (I think it’s LifeAlert) and they’ve been great. They call to check on her when she accidentally sets it off by rolling over on it. They called to check on her when her electricity went out during an ice storm. And they’ve called family members multiple times when she has fallen.

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my grandmother used lifealert for my great grandma when she started having problems falling. we never had any negative experiances with them, but they are similar to home security systems, which is sad to say.

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my elderly neighbor has one. A unit that ties into the phone line and a button around her neck. It’s one more tool she has to continue living alone out in the country, upstate ny. She said she is happy with it and gives her some peace of mind. Nothing will ever replace good neighbors though. The other thing we did is try to accident proof her home, move trip hazards install hand rails put down non skid where it was needed such as steps. Life alert has been a independace saver to her and her family.

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my great aunt has one and she used it after she fell out of bed. it was tied into her tv so the people came on the tv and talked to her. the ambulance came quickly and we were all grateful for it!

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We got my mom one through our county eldercare services agency at a greatly reduced rate. It worked very well, except as my mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed, she failed to understand the concept and wouldn’t wear it. Other than that, I’d recommend them.

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Thanks to all for their responses. We got a great recommendation from the skilled nursing facility in which my mom stayed. Their social workers have helped us with insurance issues, home care options, and a lot more.

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