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What is a good use for enchilada sauce ... ?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9701points) July 5th, 2016

… other than to make enchiladas?
Turns out I discovered a can of enchilada sauce purchased several years ago. It was found way back in the pantry. The can looks fine, no bulges. But I don’t want to make enchiladas right now. What else can I use it for?
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I would be wary of cooking such an old can of food with anything else since if it is spoilt then you will have lost the other ingredients too. How about veggies (and chicken, if you like) cooked on their own with the warmed (and tasted) sauce poured over them? Served on a bed of rice.

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Taco soup!

And expiry dates are definitely a guideline rather than a rule in these things.

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I like @Seek‘s idea. Alternatively, you can make some interesting Mexican style pasta sauce.

And, you don’t have to use it right now. You can wait a week or two.

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Cheese ad bean nachos baked with some sauce on top?

Baked fish fillets with melted cheese and the sauce?

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It makes a very good sauce on a cheese omelet.

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You could purchase some frozen or fresh Tamales and use it over those as well.
Or, just make your own Enchiladas in steps. Cook up your meat, seasonings, onions and put in fridge, then you are halfway there to making a pan of Enchilads in the next few days.

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Is it specifically enchiladas that you don’t want to make, or Mex/tex-mex food generally?

Is it green or red enchilada sauce?

Without details of your preferences, the first thing I’d suggest is mac n cheese . @janbb ‘s suggestion of baked fish with the sauce is interesting. I’d definitely consider that.

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chop a fresh tomato or two, maybe an onion or pepper (hot or mild, to your taste), add some cheese (Cheddar, Monterrey Jack, Colby, or use your imagination) and you will have a nice creative “queso” dip or sauce.

Or add some enchilada sauce to cooked pinto beans and mash them up for refried bean. (You can also add the enchilada sauce to a store-bought can of refried beans to enhance the flavor for use in burritoes, or a bean dip.

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Well, I would think anything that any tomato-based sauce would taste good on. Baby pizzas come to mind. English muffins, enchilada sauce, then mozzarella cheese on top, broil.

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Mexican Lasagna!

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@BellaB Nothing against Mexican food. I was just wondering what else I could do with enchilada sauce besides make enchiladas. I knew that my fellow jellies would have lots of creative ideas, and you did not disappoint! I am amazed!
It’s a red sauce, and I think I’ll start with the baked fish idea, and since it is a large can, I think I’ll have enough left over to try one of the ideas as well!

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@2davidc8 here’s a quickie recipe that sounds bizarre but is really good. Not with Enchilada sauce, but…

Get a big can of pickled Jalapeno peppers.
Slice in half and de-seed. pat dry from the juices.
Stuff with a tuna salad mix, albacore with mayo, and fill halved Jalapenos, then, sprinkle with crushed white corn tortilla chips. So good!

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@Coloma Your recipe could still be adapted to use enchilada sauce. How about drizzling the enchilada sauce over the top?

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@2davidc8 mmmm..I dunno, maybe, be bold. That recipe is more of a snack thing, but hey…step out of the box, waaay out of the box. lol

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