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Now that the FBI and (presumably) the DoJ have concluded the email investigation is a non-starter, is there time to launch yet another Benghazi Committee investigation?

Asked by rojo (24159points) July 5th, 2016

as asked.

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No, not before the election in November. Congress will be pretty much in re-election mode for the next four months, not conducting any real business.

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Nope. That one’s played out, but don’t worry. As with the rapture, the great hoped for indictment is just around the corner. The high priests of FOX will trot out the next “treasonable offense” any day now, and the gullible will swarm in their legions to the altar of true belief. Yes friends, hope springs eternal despite we of so little faith.

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Why Benghazi? I thought even the Republican investigation years ago cleared her in that, no?

Isn’t Clinton already still under investigation for abuse of Clinton Foundation funds

It seems to me that there should be investigations by someone for election abuses and for taking money from foreign governments.

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The thing that REALLY pisses me off is that it is MY money being thrown in the toilet at the behest of people unfit to wipe my old ass. The stupidity that plays out in this country is beyond exasperating to live through.

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I don’t think she will be investigated , or fake investigated, for anything now or later. She has too much cash and power to lose any fight. She’s bullet proof . She and Obama are now all cozy together on Airforce One and many of Trump’s party supporters are dropping out. Looks more and more like the Dems will win. Up goes the minimum wage to the moon! I think I’ll start saying, “want fries with that?” so I can buy a new Mercedes.

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She has been investigated, and cleared @Aster.

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There is not enough I don’t give a fuck in this world to express how I feel about this.

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I don’t think there’s any more of that dead horse to beat, is there?

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Evidently, the GOP presumptive candidate doesn’t agree.

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I believe the evidence strongly suggests the current Justice Department will not indict Hillary for any of her actions without regard to the merits (whatever they may be) of the case or investigation. The motivation appears to be political.

The FBI director’s statements basically accused her of gross negligence in handling classified material, something that is indeed sufficient for an indictment, but he failed to recommend one.

When the Attorney Genaral had her private “accidental” meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport (She was on a flight from Washington to Aspen CO and He on a flight from LA to New York, both in private aircraft – look at a map ) The meeting was made public only because a FBI agent in Phoenix tipped off a reporter _ otherwise it would have gone off unreported., If you believe this meeting was accidental, you’re more credulous than most of us. Following that meeting the FBI finally got around to what apperared to be a hastily organized weekend interview with Hillary and wrapped up the “inverstigation the following Tuesday.

The fix was most certainly in for her.

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The problem with the ceaseless efforts to “nail” the Clintons is that they are driven almost exclusively from the right. So strident is the effort from this direction that ANY excuse to achieve this goal is presented as credible evidence worthy of prosecution. The sheer volume of supposed crimes on the part of the couple is staggering, and for those frustrated “believers” denied the downfall of Bill and Hillary there is but one possible explanation—the fix is in. The point that is always missed by these folks is that this explanation for the Clintons’ miraculous ability to walk amongst us free of a long federal rap sheet requires the extraordinary cooperation on the part of the FBI, DOJ, and more Federal agencies than you can shake a stick at. Are they ALL corrupt and in on the scheme? Does anyone here contend that the FBI and the DOJ are plagued by some all poweful liberal bias? Are there no longer people of integrity making decisions regarding indictments and prosecutions?

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Or is the rather obvious alternative: that the witch hunt is politically motivated more in keeping with the current facts. In my lifetime, I can’t remember any situation where an individual’s political outlook might be so readily determined by the degree to which they believe the Clintons’ cheat justice.

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I’ll readily agree that opinions of the character of Hillary’s actions and conduct as Secretary of State tend to align with the political views of the beholder. Ardent Republicans are inclined to fault her conduct in office, while ardent Democrats similarly defend her : that is neither remarkable or even very interesting. What is interesting is that what was once near universal support for her among Democrats has undeniably waned significantly over the past several years, while opposition to her has grown, across the political spectrum

Very likely this is a consequence of her evasions of responsibility for her actions in office; the perception of the Clintons’ self serving exploitation of high political office and the Clinton Foundation for personal benefit; and perception of Hillary’s duplicity and evasion in dealing with her many missteps, and the rather condescending attitude she brings to nearly every event. She is indeed very hard to like and harder still to love.

Given her status as Democrat heir apparent, the formidable showing of a superannuated socialist Senator from Vermont in the recent primary was, perhaps a telling event. Now with a mostly sympathetic media and an overwhelming lead in political fund-raising and organization, and an inexperienced, gauche and highly idiosyncratic Republican opponent, the fact that she now fnds herself in such a very close race is truly amazing.

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