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Outlook 2007 Troubles?

Asked by bpeoples (2551points) July 30th, 2008

We’ve got Exchange SBS 2003 with Outlook 2007 deployed. We also have our share of iPhones and public folders, so we started using FolderMirror, which is working pretty well.

However, the two of us who installed it, have seen outlook start syncing with the server a LOT. I have a pretty fast workstation, so it doesn’t slow me down, but his is the last generation so it’s dragging.

Any ideas as to why? I’m guessing it’s folder sync trying to keep things up to date, but he disabled folder sync and it kept doing it.

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Well, your first problem is that you have Outlook.

sorry, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the point of it, and my Mum and Dad are always bothering me with outlook problems.

Sadly I can’t help you with yours.:(

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Heh—totally agree! Sadly we’re stuck with it for now.

Running a Mac at home, and seen my stress levels there drop significantly.

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Are you sure it is Outlook causing the problem? Is the computer dragging while outlook is closed, or only when it is opened? And why are you using folder mirror again? I don’t quite understand the question.

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outlook does seem to be the problem—folder mirror is being used to clone the master calendar and master contact list from the public folders (which aren’t available over activesync) into personal folders, which are.

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