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Why is "Chocolate Rain" so popular?

Asked by aaronou (735points) July 30th, 2008

I can’t seem to figure out why Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain” is such a massive hit on youtube. I mean, I can’t stop listening to it, but the melody is cheesy, and the song never changes. Some of the lyrics are interesting, but really, why is the song so addictive?

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because he’s young, talented, it’s amusing. that’s about it. It’s nothing special, and to be honest I’ve not gotten into a trance from it.

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Wow, I found it kind of annoying.

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“You can’t stop listening to it.”

Point: Zonday. Check out “cherry chocolate rain” for a larf.

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The irony. That voice coming out of that man? It just seems so strange to me

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I didn’t ind it amusing at all. I turned it off after about 15 seconds.

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You have a very loose definition of popular.

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26 million views and a Dr. Pepper commercial. Tay is more popular than Kobe Bryant.

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Kobe who? Didn’t he rape someone and make a million dollars in endorsement deals in the same year?

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Because a deep voice on a frame like that is entertaining, slightly funny, and a bit mind boggling. Kinda like this

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Chocolate Rain is popular because of /b/ its a 4chan meme thats all. Its the same reason that this is so popular.

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Dude, some warning please?

4chan and Something Awful are the mothers of all Internet memes. If it’s popular on the Internet it probably came from one of thses two places.

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Mysteries of the internet.

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Are people talking about /b/ in here? o_o, blasphemy.

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No /b/tards please.

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…. says the person with a /b/ reference as their id – __—

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forget long cat. Tacgnol is where its at.

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I the beginning of youtube, someone hacked the site and took chocolate rain to the frontpages and all links linked to chocolate rain for some days. This gave the video a lot of views and it was in the most viewed lists for a long time and got popular.

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@wilhel1812 – Yeah, not true at all. Just plain factually inaccurate. First, the video wasn’t posted until long after “the beginning of youtube.” Second, the only time the front page redirected videos as this year’s April Fools’ Day, when they were all redirected to “Never Gonna to Give You Up” by Rick Astley, which was completely intentional.

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It’s the story i’ve been told, but you’re probably right…

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