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Should people be required to get relationship licenses before hooking up?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) July 6th, 2016

Somewhere back there was a question alluding to parents needing a license before becoming parents. That had me thinking should people be made to go through relationship class and get a license before hooking up? It seems some are absolutely clueless when it comes to dealing with their relationship, if it were the entertainment remote, they would be fabulous. If you have to ask a bunch of strangers on social media why she won’t do this or why does he keep doing that, some disconnect might be there, should one be asking their mate those question? If who they are with will not entertain the question or take it with any grain of seriousness, is that not a clue as to how they see the relationship and give direction of what to do? If one leased a car as they do a relationship, once the vehicle stopped living up to expectation you give it back to the company, you don’t keep it year after year griping about it, why not use the same logic in something more important like a relationship, or does one need to go through a course and be told that?

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Absolutely not.

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No. That’s going into the bounds of invasion of privacy.

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You have to be kidding. On what basis would an agency (what agency?) grant a license? How could they turn a person down?

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Why try (and fail) to bring more authoritarian nonsense into it? The only good thing I could see coming of attempted enforcement would be the added fun of breaking rules and screwing with the system.

Making good education about relationships available to everyone is a good idea. It probably needs to come in a variety of forms, since different people learn in different ways.

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No. Thank God, it’s a free country.

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Of course not.

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This should be in Meta.

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Maybe teenagers, a relationship learners permit. haha
Actually, and I am not saying I agree, but…when I was in marriage counseling years ago the therapist spoke of this very thing, saying that we learn how to drive, do our particular lines of work, and a myriad of other things but nobody learns how to be in relationship. Made sense to me, and yep, I went on to divorce my ex. My only moving violation. lol

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What an asinine idea. By what criteria would such a license even be judged? Driving a car has simple metrics to gauge. If you have your right blinker on then make a left into on-coming traffic then you’re clearly not qualified to drive. People, on the other hand, are complicated and so are the relations between people. What works for one relationship doesn’t necessarily work for another.

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I’m not in a relationship with my car. I am the owner and operator of my car.

Of course, you view women as property, so I can see the disconnect.

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@NerdyKeith No. That’s going into the bounds of invasion of privacy.
Please elucidate, in what way would you see that?

@elbanditoroso On what basis would an agency (what agency?) grant a license?
I can think of some basics, but it might be as difficult (or easy) as having a license to be a parent, though some parents become parent not by design but as a byproduct of self-interest.

@Seek Of course, you view women as property, so I can see the disconnect.
Wrong again my dear Watson; women are far more important than that. I would never lease a car, if I am to get a car it is for keeps until the thing doesn’t work anymore, likewise if I am to get a woman it is for keeps until her heart no longer works.

Nice try though…..

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Goddamn dude. Think about what you are suggesting, consenting adults who want to be in a relationship is not a “privilege” that can be granted or revoked.

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Another reason for a license to be stupid gets a no vote from me. Plus think of all the Pediatric and Adult Therapists who would lose their jobs from these new resitrictions. Plus big pharma would never let such a licesnse get in the way of the billions they make on childrens medications.

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@Darth_Algar The point I made, based on what the marriage therapist said, is that we take classes for all sorts of knowledge and skill seeking reasons but nobody takes relationship classes. Not licenses, classes on how to be in a relationship.
There are basic, fundamental guidelines such as learning good communication skills, noticing and showing appreciation, ( one of the first things a marriage counselor will do, if you’re not too far gone, is give appreciation “homework.” Each party is prompted to notice, acknowledge and thank the other person for the small things they take for granted, like making the coffee every morning.

Liscenses are a bad idea, but relationship 101 classes are a great idea IMO as is pre-marriage counseling. Not mandatory but highly encouraged.

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HC, the concept pushes your thinking dangerously close to communism.
I wish people had to have a license to have children, but that’s too slippery a slope for me….

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And exactly how do you propose that it be enforced if people embark upon a relationship without a permit?

And what type of fines or punishments would enable enforcement of an idea like this?

it’s a non starter from what I can see. Kind of ridiculous when you think about it.

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@Hypocrisy_Central What ever happened to the fiancée that was mentioned a couple of times a few years ago?

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What fiancée?

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@Pied_Pfeffer What ever happened to the fiancée that was mentioned a couple of times a few years ago?
We did not get married, I learned from that relationship; do not know if she did. She did get married to another guy and was not too happy in the union last I heard, but it is not my problem. Some things you can work on, some you can work with, some you can’t fix, if those things you cannot work out leaves you less than totally passionate for your mate, that is a sign you don’t buy. You get off it, get over it, and get on with it.

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That is dum. D-U-M. Dum. No government has power to approve or disapprove a relationship. That would be trying to control a natural condition: silly to even consider.

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