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Anyone else agree that if Hilary Clinton is elected President this country will crumble?

Asked by MooCows (3190points) July 6th, 2016

My husband and I talk about politics all
the time and we both agree if H gets
to be President you will no longer want
to live in this country. How do you feel?

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Yes I agree as if Clinton gets elected all the Republican heads that will burst into flames which will mean we will have daylight 24/7 and I expect for at least 4 years straight and that means I will not get much sleep if any.

Seriously the country will not crumble….Congress will only make sure Hillary gets less done than Barack did and the only thing that will continue to crumble is our individual net worth.

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If we survived Bush we can survive Hillary. It’s Trump I’m afraid of.

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A president doesn’t have the much power. So I would say no.

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No, I worry more about Trump.

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Can you clearly define how you think Hillary will destroy the country?

Use words and reasoned arguments. I eagerly await your response.

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It will be as unbearable has having Obama as president.

Meaning things will be just fine. Not perfect, but let’s work on that.

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Truthfully, if she is elected, I expect more of the same except in one key area. Clinton will not make Obama’s mistake in thinking the House Republicans amenable to reason.

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They say she will be a third term of Obama. That actually makes me really happy. After eight years the world has not exploded. I’m much better off than I was eight years ago. Got me some Obamacare and that is better than what I had in 2007.

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Look at the alternative and you’ll realise she’s much better..)

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At least she won’t mess everything up like Trump. Trump is so full of himself and full of biased. He sure will mess up in both his country and other countries.

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There’s no other choice, really. She’ll be great, you’ll see!

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Better a slow crumble than a quick apocalypse.

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is crumbling.
IMO it started with the American meltdown in 2008 when Bush failed to reign in the “Everyone should own a home.” policies Clinton put in place. We The American People elected Bush to be Conservative – swallow the bitter pill of social conservatism with the practicality of financial restraint. Instead we got an administration that outspent Clinton and spawned the Tea Party.

As a sane conservative, all my votes on the national level this fall will be Democratic. When the Republicans refused to consider Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court I swore I would vote a Democratic ticket. And I will.

I’m hoping for a Democratic congress and Republican president after 4 years of Clinton II.

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I hear this before and after every Presidential election.

“If X gets elected, he’ll destroy the country.”

“X has been elected—the country will be destroyed. I’m moving to Canada.”

The only thing crumbling is the infrastructure—but only Sanders pledged to fix that.

As for real existential threats. Those remain the same: climate change and nuclear proliferation—and they affect the whole world.

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I hear this before and after every Presidential election.

Here’s the exception. The Onion nailed it. We knew what disasters Republicans would bring.

The Onion – January 17, 2001 – Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’

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Forgive me, @MooCows, but if you think for one second that Trump would make a better president (and leader of the free world) than Hillary, despite her warts, you’re living in an alternate dimension.

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@Kropotkin You IMO make a fatal error in lumping all your examples into “Real existential threats”.

First, Sanders is hardly the only one heralding infrastructure repairs…Obamas done this for almost 8 years now…Congress has said kiss off…Trump has supported infrastructure repairs from day one.

IMHO not all those threats are real or fit the mold of existential threats. The “threat” part comes from those that choose to use those moments to define the meaning of threat…I mean immediate threat…the kind of threats that need immediate attention. Climate change IMO does not fit that bill especially when we fail miserably to lead by example nor intelligently engage our friends in the world to address these fears fear mongers wish to further for their short sighted agendas.

Gun control demands are meaningless when Terrorists use more than guns to inflict their carnage and especially when the attacks on our soil have been soft targets in gun safe zones. Terrorists are not stupid and will not attack were they risk getting shot at.

Keep voting for foolish shortsighted solutions and we as a country will remain flat on our face in the dirt and the laughing stock of the world.

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@Call Me Jay that onion article is uncanny.

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I already don’t want to live here.

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I think that capitalism in the U.S.A. is already likely damaged beyond repair (due to Democrat and Republican leadership). Hillary will support Obama’s programs and drive the U.S.A. closer to socialism.

Time to collect my winnings and get out of Dodge City. HA!

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Capitalism is part of the problem. It grows like a bubble, then POP! Capitalism is unsustainable long term. The bigger companies get, the more money they want. So cheap becomes priority. Eventually, massive factories and business offices that employed millions are outsourced for bigger profit margin. At that point only the owners of the companies make any money. The jobs are overseas, and they put their money in offshore accounts. They avoid taxes whenever possible. Then, small businesses can’t compete, even though they have the same or better products, or services. So , the only way to be competitive, is to adopt the same strategy as the big dogs. Further outsourcing jobs and further lowering the quality of the product or service.
I don’t have a better idea… But yeah, capitalism is an issue.

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People are ungrateful and gullible. We are already living in a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity. The world is not crumbling. The media has crumbled. Turn off your tv and radio and go out and meet your neighbourhood and don’t talk about politics. Garden together instead.

The only thing that will continue mistakes is making decisions based on fear instead of love. If you value basic human rights, you know which party to vote for in this election and the next.

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@gondwanalon “I think that capitalism in the U.S.A. is already likely damaged beyond repair (due to Democrat and Republican leadership).”

Capitalism is inherently unsustainable regardless of who runs the show or how they run it.

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@cazzie only rational words spoken in this thread thus far. Thank you.
We have never been as safe, healthy and surrounded by moden convenience as we are now.
I don’t think party votes matter too much right now, it’s the guardians of the status quo keeping it that way. Improving our situation falls on our own shoulders, not some political beauty pagent with only two talentless unattractive hacks in the running. What a spectacle, go team. I’m sitting this election out and focusing on my own community, if we all did that then we’ll see real change.

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So, you like Ike, @cazzie?

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If there are no changes downballot, I think the US will continue to have difficulties.

I hope everyone who is considering voting for Mrs. Clinton is also going to campaign hard for all downballot candidates. That’s where change/improvement will come from .

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The country continues to crumble as long as we elect presidents and legislators who insist on increasing the power, scope and cost of the government. And that doesn’t matter whether we elect people with either a D or an R after their name.

The only thing that can be predicted about the next Administration is that it will be worse than the current one.

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@Darth_Algar What system is stable and stainable regardless of who runs the show or how they run it?

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Thanks guys and gals for some great answers!

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@ARE you kidding me That was formerly and may yet be true about local communities, but there are growing hints that the backbone of our system of governance is being stressed with grim consequences for our cohesion as a nation. By this I mean the ever accumulating quantitiy of obtuse measures originating in flyover America at the local level. I suppose it’s only logical that the great bulk of these measures should arise in places of dwindling prosperity and noted for economic desertification. Unfortunately such a description can be increasingly applied to the bulk of rural America and the trend is certain to accelerate. What this implies for the future of the country is unpleasant to contemplate, but glaringingly apparent in the difficulties we currently witness in regard to the way we are governed, or rather misgoverned.

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The USA has been showing symptoms of impending collapse since WW2. Here is a free ebook that outlines the history of nations collapsing. Not one ever escaped the slide into oblivion once the symptoms started to show.

We have this prophecy we call Armageddon. The USA is prominently absent from the story. The country must collapse and become helpless before then. You are seeing prophecy being fulfilled as you watch.

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America will be just fine. Infrastructure is going to cause us problems, so will banking corruption but we’ll be fine. The sky is not falling. The end times are not here. We have resources and innovative, diverse people. Only thing that can hold us back is a bigger more bloated gov’t and unregulated, unbounded corporate infiltration.

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IMO this is a race between Nope and Noper.

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@gondwanalon “What system is stable and stainable regardless of who runs the show or how they run it?”

I’m not sure, to be honest. But capitalism is a particular untenable model, as the sole concern of capitalism is the ceaseless accumulation of capital at the expense of all else. This ceaseless accumulation of capital depends on ceaseless consumption. No long-term view. No concern for tomorrow, only “more, more, more”. More capital, more consumption. Growth for the sake of growth. This is a bubble that has no choice but to eventually pop. What happens when there is nothing more to accumulate, nothing left to consume? Growth for the sake of growth is the philosophy of cancer.

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@Darth_Algar I cannot just sit back and allow someone to write random words disguised as enlightened knowledge or fact.

“But capitalism is a particular untenable model, as the sole concern of capitalism is the ceaseless accumulation of capital at the expense of all else.”

Capitalism is a very tenable model and why capitalism is very effective economic model when unencumbered by falsehoods as yours. In fact Capitalism is entirely possible because of yours, mine and everyone else in the world’s purchasing decisions. There is absolutely nothing “untenable” in that model UNLESS the exchange of personal funds is adversely encumbered by Government interference and where socialism creeps in…but I digress.

Capitalism by definition…

“an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market”

I take this personally as I own a company…I invest in people, equipment, inventory, property all to exchange what I produce for a price that is not determined as much as I want it to be by me….but by my customers and more significantly by the Government that levies taxes I must cost into my products AND by my competition that is vying for the same very dollars I do. This is the very definition of Capitalism and I or any super corporation have as much control over it as a person with a net trying to catch smoke. No one can “accumulate ceaseless amounts of money that depends on ceaseless consumption” as rabid competition will quickly derail that gravy train.

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Nope. It’s a pretty good country, as far as that goes. We’ve had crooks, dumbasses, quitters, a completely debilitated stroke victim, four assasinations, disfunctional alcoholics and even a drug addict in the presidency and the country just kept chugging along. What we haven’t had is such an efficient 24/7/365 media to keep the population strung out on stress and worry that they think the country is going to crumble. It’s not, and no matter who wins, it will go on with a new twist here and there. So, enough of the drama queen shit.

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@Darth_Algar I’m no expert on capitalism, socialism, communism or other ‘isms. Nothing will last forever. Human’s will likely become extinct far before the Sun explodes into a supernova (in a couple billion years). In the mean time I love what capitalism has done for me and for millions of others willing to work hard in the U.S.A..

@Cruiser Great answer!

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Swell, but entirely irrelevant to my point.



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@MooCows So where would you emigrate, if Clinton wins? A more right-wing country is hard to find…

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I think America has forgotten that voting is what gives them their real freedom and liberty and not wars and guns.

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@cazzie What an amazing insight! You should notify the history teachers immediately.

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Better 4 years of slow crumble than 4 years of carpet bombing.
At least there’s still something to build on 4 years later.

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We have the right to vote in America because of wars and guns.

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Funny, all the other first world countries manage to have the right to vote without those things.

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I just found this thread, and I have to laugh.
So many said this country would be fine no matter who wins, then when Trump won, how many of those same jellies did a complete flip, and bemoaned the end of the world?

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