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Do you fold your pants side-to-side, or front-to-back?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) July 6th, 2016

I was always taught to put the sides of my pants together when I fold them. If holding the top, the butt seam would be in one hand and the zipper in the other. You get a nice crease in front.

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Side-to-side. I may be creative in everything but not housework. I can’t use my imagination on chores :(

My father does the same thing as you, but it’s just because he doesn’t know any other way to fold. Often his folded clothes turn into ugly piles of wrinkle cloth. I figure it would be safer to go for the traditional way.

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The pants I wear mostly nowadays, cargos from REI, can be folded 12 times and still look like they just came out of the store. But in the years I worked full time and wore slacks, I folded them exactly the way you describe.

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Side to side.

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It really doesn’t matter because at home I wear “lounge pants” (which are basically like pajama pants, except that they have pockets and usually less garish patterns than pjs) so often made of cotton or flannel so i just fold in half and drape over hanger. I don’t really have to worry about creases, per se.

They’re quite comfy and if I’m just going to the store or something I’ll wear them out of the house as well. I just make sure that I pick the solid blue or black colors rather than plaid :)

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Jeans no, dress pants yes.

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If they have a crease then I fold them along the crease. If they don’t have a crease then I fold them like jeans. Unless, you are folding your jeans along a crease that you somehow created. That’s a big fashion no no.

I’ll go out on a limb and state there is a right and wrong for folding slacks and jeans. You fold according to where you need the fold/crease/line to be. Otherwise you flatten your crease or create creases where they shouldn’t be.

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Side to side – based on seams matching at the hem.

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Depends on the cut of the pants.

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I’ll take that as a maybe, @cazzie.

I grew up wearing jeans with a fairly sharp, lighter colored crease, @JLeslie.

Exactly, @BellaB! Match the seams at the bottom.

What do you do with pants if not fold, @Rarebear?

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@ibstubro I guess that was before the days of Jordache.

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When I was in high school (early 80’s), the trend was designer jeans and some ironed the crease so often that it got a faded look on the fold.

The few pairs of dress pants that I own, I will hang folded front to back along the crease. The majority of my pants are jeans and I just fold them side to side.

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In the early 80’s I worked at Merry-Go-Round. Our specialty was designed jeans. We definitely didn’t have any creases down the front of the leg. Later, I worked for County Seat (still in the 80’s). They sold a lot of Levis. No crease there either. In the 90’s I worked at Armani Exchange within Bloomingdale’s. No creases.

There was a time that they made trousers out of a lightweight denim. The pants had pleats and creases. That came and went.

Some dry cleaners put a crease in all pants, unless you tell them not to, and they still sometimes screw it up. This is a forever mystery to me. Why would you add a crease when none is there? The designer/manufacturer sent the pants to the store as they are intended to look and be worn. Some people dry cleaned their jeans back in the day to keep them dark, and the dry cleaner would start the whole crease thing.

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When I was in HS (late 70’s) my Levis were as @jca describes with a light colored crease.
But you don’t have to iron to get it – just fold and smooth with your hand before drying.

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I fold my SO’s pants side to side. Never really thought if doing it any other way. Doubt he would be bothered either way.

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I remember when Levi’s would somehow be twisted, and when I put the seams together at the bottom, the seat wouldn’t fold flat. There was no way to know until after the first washing.

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I stopped putting creases in my jeans in the 90s. I thought it looked really naff. Still do.

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I had to look “naff” up, @cazzie, but I agree.
I stopped putting creases in my jeans in the 80’s.

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