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Art Project Brainstorming?

Asked by PriceisRightx26 (1258points) July 6th, 2016

Making a ceramic tea set, and I’ve decided to make the teapot an anatomically correct heart and the rest of the items will be some variation of apothecary jars. I need help deciding what to write on them accordingly: 2 tea cups, 1 creamer, and 1 sugar jar. Would like to stick with the antique-y theme and would prefer something clever/related to the contents.

There also needs to be a tray, if anyone has some recommendations for that.

Thanks in advance!

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Fillet of Fenny Snake
Eye of Newt
Toe of dog
Wool of bat
Tongue of frog

Adder’s forks
Blindworm’s sting
Lizard’s leg
Owlet’s wing

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Sounds like you have four objects. The heart has four chambers. Maybe inscribe the name of each chamber on one of each?...Got nothing for the tray.Maybe a pool of blood?

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A stainless instrument tray from the OR.

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Yeah EC, that’d fit.

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St John’s Wort
Willow Bark

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I would stick to old medicines (poisons). Laudanum. Red mercury sulfide. Leeches. Cocaine drops. The tray could look like something Gothic /Victorian.

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@cazzie I like where your mind is at; kind of what I’m goaling towards.

For some reason I have it in my mind that cyanide is related to sweetness—can anyone confirm?

@Espiritus_Corvus Surgical tray was also my initial thought, but unfortunately I don’t think we have a glaze that would make for a suitable color :\

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@cazzie Yeah, or Steampunk.

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I think cyanide smells like marachino cherries. Like sweet almond, is that right?

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Bitter almond. I was wrong.

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Right now I’m sort of obsessed with those porcelain hands that stand on their wrists? Or just lay on a dresser offering to hold your jewellery. You know the ones? Something about their delicately disembodied beauty.

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