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Can Daniel Cormier sue Jon Jones?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16563points) July 7th, 2016

Daniel Cormier has just lost the opportunity to earn a huge sum of money this weekend, due to Jon Jones’ consumption of a banned substance. Does Cormier legally have the right to sue Jones for this loss of income?

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The answer is of course he can sue. The REAL question is whether there will be anything left to collect. The numbers of people and enterprises with claims resulting from the cancellation is staggering. Then there’s the all but impossible burden of proving Jones actually guilty of willfully doping up.

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@stanleybmanly Are you saying Jones could be forced into bankruptcy for this?

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I’m saying he almost certainly lacks the wealth to cover all of the claims. I don’t know, but I suspect some claimants may have insurance against this sort of thing. Event cancellations are far from uncommon,

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I don’t see how Cormier has a chance of winning. Unless there is something in their contract that specifically says that “in case of doping person A will pay person B such amount” (which I doubt), there’s no case here.

I don’t see the legal grounds for saying “He should pay me $X because if we had fought I would have earned $Y dollars. How do you sue for something that might not have happened?

That said, you can sue anyone for anything. but can you win?

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I’m assuming this is in regards to a prize fight of some sort. I seriously doubt it. Scheduled events (fights, concerts, etc) get cancelled for various reasons all the time. Prize money comes from promoters and sponsors, and there’s almost certainly some kind of insurance policy in place to financially compensate all involved parties in the event of a cancellation.

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