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Do homonyms make you think?

Asked by BellaB (6451points) July 7th, 2016

I’ve been stuck on aisle and isle for a while now. Maybe a bit obsessively. Without looking it up, I’m wondering if they always sounded the same, do they sound the same to everyone, do they have common origins?

Do you have homonyms that dig into your head?

Am I the craziest word nerd?

to, too, two… what to do

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I believe you were sent to put me on the scent of every last cent.

Aisle derives from ala, wing. Isle derives from ile, island.

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Thank Latin.

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I don’t feel homonymphobic if that’s what you’re asking but nor am I a homonymphile. I do like words though!

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You can lead a man to ponder but you can’t make him think.

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@zenvelo I don’t think I can handle that today.

Maybe that can be tomorrow’s word fetish?

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Homonyms, like them ancient humans? Like your aunt’s ants of yore?

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Start going with the ones that are spelled the same, pronounced the same, but have completely different meanings. It’s a great game. Like maroon (the color) and maroon (to strand someone somewhere). Or quiver (to shake, as with fear) or quiver (the thing that holds arrows). Once you start, you never want to stop, they’ll pop up at the oddest times.
Bat (the flying mammal) and bat (the thing you want to smack your mean sister with).

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@canidmajor , I like using words like that in haiku games.

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I frequently have fun with my grandsons. They catch/use many of them. They are just getting used to growing their vocabulary.

The youngest one recently had trouble with What? He yelled WHAT! I repeated what I said. He told me “I didn’t mean that kind of what.” He was commenting on something in his game.

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There, they’re in their car, they’re getting away!

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What’s the opposite of antonym?

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Not sure if they make me think but they do piss me off having to try to remember which is the correct one.

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I am still trying to think of a SmartAZ answer. Nothing yet.

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On the subway on Sunday, saw a fine fellow who seemed to be coming home from a Steampunk event. He had a monocle.

I’ve been working over haikus on the theme of Mon Oncle’s Monocle ever since. Not 100% homonyms but beautifully close.

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