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Is it common or favorable to include a personal statement with a rental application?

Asked by jballou (2128points) July 30th, 2008 from iPhone

The market is so competetive in SF I want to do everything I ccan to get an edge

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I’ve never included it for any rental application I’ve ever submitted, though I don’t live in South Florida (I think that’s what SF means). Though I’ve only had to give probably 4 applications for rental property. I’d say go without a statement…to me it just seems odd. Hope I helped =)

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SF stands for San Francisco

Thanks for the answer

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ah, good to know. I’m not from there either =)

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It can’t hurt. Some rental applications call for them. Here are some samples:

Please write a brief statement (1 paragraph to 1 page) describing why you wish to live at The Collegian. You may include descriptions of your
commitment to academic success, experiences that have taught you to be a good neighbor, and particulars about your lifestyle that are consistent with
The Collegian’s Code of Conduct.”

Some are as simple as this: “Please provide any additional information that might help management evaluate this application.” (with room for about a paragraph)

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